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People are unique and so are their needs. Since nothing that we offer is a cookie-cutter experience, you can be sure that every connection will be an invitation for you to discover more about yourself.

Depending on what you want to create in your life and how intensely you want to engage, there are a number of ways to proceed with us to make a difference in your life. From nibbling at the edges to ordering up the full meal deal, we offer you a buffet of intensives, products and services to explore and from which to choose to satisfy your appetite and your budget. Begin by determining if your preferred way to engage is to Read, Listen or Experience aspects of a WEL-Systems perspective – the choice is always yours.

The online Connect and Share area is designed to explore the power of contagion of an awakened collective! As part of this area, the Engage WEL-Systems focus is for those who are just starting to get curious or wish to stay connected with the latest information about WEL-Systems and the community.  Here, you'll find a free area containing Quick Updates, interesting information and provocative thoughts shared by those who are participating in this growing WEL-Systems community.

Just beginning and want to engage privately?

Wander through the product line and explore provocative new ways to consider yourself, your world and the way you move through it. Choose from original and cutting-edge books and CD’s. Select from a range of live recorded conversations facilitated by Louise LeBrun on topics to match your particular interest. Listen to these CDs while driving to the office or working around the house, letting your mind wander around in your own potential, and discover things new ways to consider your world. Listen over and over again and notice that with each pass, you’ll discover more about yourself. The discovery never ends! There is an entire section of the web site where you can Read & Listen Free.

Ready for more?

Choose the conversation and the environment that feeds the mind, nurtures the body and comforts the soul. Review the available WEL-Systems Experiences and connect with the current WEL-Systems Institute Affiliates.

Whether you choose an introductory path of short experiences or konw that being certified as a CODE Model Coach™ is what you are seeking, every WEL-Systems experience is the ride of a lifetime!

The focus on Women and WEL-Systems lets you go as far and as fast as it feels right for you in the company of other women who are committed to their own evolution. Programs for "men and women" or "men only" are available based on demand and topic area.

CODE Model Coaching™ is not a practice or a technique – it’s a way of being. It’s an experience that is grounded in a new paradigm that becomes the invitation for self and other to continue to grow, evolve and access human potential in ways that translate to practical living and a heightened quality of human experience. For more information, see the web page on CODE Model Coach™ Certification

5-day intensives are designed not only to connect you to the unique presence that you are but to help you find that within yourself and put voice to it. Engage one… engage them all… and engage as often as you like! These experiences are neither courses nor training but gateways to an acceleration of your own evolution. Choose from:
Decloaking… and living authentically! or
Engaging… and awakening others!


Lifetime Learning and Continuing Education

multi-day retreats – invitations for you to discover the future that calls to you and awaits the opportunity to emerge. How you grasp an Emerging Future is by letting go. How you hold on to it is with an open hand.
Paradoxes? Of course! But isn’t that what life’s about? There number and timing of retreats varies .. check the schedule to find out which retreats Louise or the WSI Affiliates are currently offering. The Institute Programs area contains a list of all retreats and program experiences.

Free Events: Women Gathering – a monthly Open Forum for discovery, sharing and much more. Check with your WSI Affiliate for times and locations. These regular conversations both invite and support an accelleration of personal evolutoin.

And there is more…

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