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Call to the Cultural Crones
Redefining Creation
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Entrepreneurial Women
Huna: Rediscovering
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The Power of Permission:
The Wisdom of the Crones
Radical EVEoluion
Sekhmet Rising:
Daring to Awaken
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Sexual, Sensual and
Spiritual Beings: The Next Level
WEL-Systems: NLP
Whispers from Within
Women and Fear


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“Be mindful of the company you keep. Your world is shaped by the conversations that you have and the people with whom you choose to have them. For your world to expand, you must first expand your conversations and open your mind to the possibility of inviting new people into your life with whom to engage.”

Louise LeBrun

Listen to Louise in conversation with the five presenters on the intention for Radical EVEolution:
duration = 20:27

The Experience

Mark your calendar and prepare to be guided through the Great Adventure of new conversations; in the good company of other women who are up for the ride!

In a physical space that reflects our metaphysical potential, you'll be invited to move beyond the status quo of your current thinking and allow yourself to try on new ideas and discover how they fit you and your life. In a single day, we'll cover five topics of profound interest to women in their daily lives; all of which interconnect to weave a quality of life that is fuelled by the willingness to go beyond history, habit and the mindlessness of unconsidered repetition.

The day will be full enough to keep you on the edge of your seat while ensuring that you have plenty of moments to chat, refresh your tea/coffee or stretch your legs. The first part of your day will reverberate with the strong, clear voices of five skilled, resourceful, comapssionate and compelling women, as they share their insights and challenges with you. At the end of these explorations... when these women complete and we pause for a dinner break...

You take the lead and we go with you!

In that moment, your choice to return will open up your evening in an Open Forum exploration with Louise and the five presenters. In an easy and casual setting, they will work with you to help you discover how you might more effectively help yourself, in creating the world of your choosing.

Radical? Possibly! Relevant? Absolutely! Without the opportunity to bring the pieces of the day together, in a way that is meaingful for you, it's not likely you'll create that long-desired change you seek. When you choose to return for the evening, you're saying - to yourself and those around you - 'It's time! I'm choosing to explore how else I might make my life meaningful!" And when you do, we'll be there to stand with you as you choose to take that stand, for yourSelf.

Open to All Women

All women are welcome to engage in this Great Adventure of discovery!. If you're new to a WEL-Systems® perspective, you'll be surprised by what's possible for you, in your life, now! If you're familiar with a WEL-Systems approach, you can anticipate an acceleration in your willingness and ability to engage your life more meaningfully; and a deepening of your comfort in doing so.

Dare to Explore

Deep inside, there is an inalienable truth that is waiting to be released; to be heard and more importantly, to be acted upon....WE are our own greatest hope. Only WE are The Ones, in our own lives, who can awaken to, reclaim and engage from a new perspective that will allow us to choose differently and forge a new reality. WE are The Ones now marked by the intention and stained with the capacity to change the conversation and create a very different world..”

Louise LeBrun

We live in times that call for rapid and pressing change. How might that look in your own life? Take a moment to visit Louise's exploration on The Journey to Radical. You might surprise yourself at the depth of your own untapped courage and willingness to explore!

The Motivation

Perhaps, what we require is not more 'stuff' to know, but a safe place where we can come to know ourselves: intimately, authentically and profoundly.

Perhaps, what we seek is not another to guide us, but a welcoming invitation for us to reconnect to the guide within. That quiet voice that comes from a place too-long forgotten and yet, despite losing ourselves, has never abandoned us or given up on us.

Perhaps, what we need is not another clever strategy or detailed plan, but a single moment of truth that we recognize as uniquely our own. A vibration in tissue that awakens and enlivens; one that takes us to a place we know instantly as Home... and a return to Self.

These are no ordinary conversations! WEL-Systems®  explorations are enquiries into our own potential that emerge from our willingness to show up - fully present in who we are in the moment - and engage without hesitation, without editing and without second-guessing ourselves.  The outcome is unpredictable except for one thing:  it will profoundly change your life!

The Journey

In elegant surroundings (nothing more than we deserve!); in bites big enough to satisfy but not leave you stuffed; and with enough variety to ensure that your personal interests are awakened, you can sit back, enjoy the day, and allow your limitations of mind to be poked and prodded into a new awakening.

In this safe, unique and intimate environment, you’ll have the opportunity to consider five topics through the eyes of those who have chosen to go beyond the status quo; and who are living expressions of what’s possible when women take a stand for themselves, in the good company of other women who are willing to stand with them!

At the end of the day, during the time allotted for supper, you can decide if you want to be part of an Open Forum exploration with Louise, Noreen, Cathy, Sheila, Nancy and Naomi. We’ll gather for an informal exploration of what your interests are - having spent your day in reconsidering how else you might choose to consider your reality.

Where will this conversation go? How deep will the dive be, as we approach the edges of the darker waters? What we will discover - about ourselves, our world and our ability to move through it - is that we are up to the task of redesigning our lives. This is the journey of the enquiry, trusting that its dimensions will be revealed as we go; and knowing that we are all, indeed, up for the ride!

The Invitation


Are you ready to make a leap in your own evolution? Is it time for you to reclaim the LeaderSelf you already know yourself to be?


Join us for a day of good company, great conversation and the opportunity to ride the wave of your own potential to the radical edge of discovery! Radical EVEolution is your call to trust that deeper truth… and ENGAGE!


We offer you two ways to engage:

  1. Register for the event only for $399.95 and open yourself to the experience of a lifetime; or
  2. Include Special CD package (3 sets - 20 CDs) with event registration for $562.37 to start your journey now! The bundled price reflects a reduction of more than 50% off the retail price of the individual CD sets. Get a head-start on this great adventure by listening to this special audio package that includes includes:

Join us for a day that you will long remember! Look around at the wome in your life and consider: who else might want to spend this day with you... and with themselves! Invite someone you care about to be there with you - and consider how much more meaningful and powerful your convesations might become! 'Radical EVEolution' is one of those things that, when shared, becomes so much more than the sum of its parts. This day is designed for leaps - and if you're called to be there, then you can know for sure: it's time.

Ottawa Registration Closes May 23rd