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Call to the Cultural Crones
Redefining Creation
CMC Discovery
CMC Evolution
CMC Intensive
Entrepreneurial Women
Huna: Rediscovering
Your Higher Self
Redefined - Reclaimed
Power, Passion & Purpose
The Power of Permission:
The Wisdom of the Crones
Radical EVEoluion
Sekhmet Rising:
Daring to Awaken
Sexual, Sensual and
Spiritual Beings
Sexual, Sensual and
Spiritual Beings: The Next Level
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Whispers from Within
Women and Fear



Then CMC Discovery is for you!

Included in this process:

  • An introductory 2-day gathering with others in this process, at the beginning of your journey, in Canmore Alberta
  • An optional 2-day gathering half-way through the journey in Canmore Alberta
  • Two gotomeeting (GTM) conversations (one offered in April and another in October) with all Discovery participants (WEL & CMC)
  • Two hour GTM conversation in early December for all 2014 CMC Discovery participants
  • A CODE Model Coaching session with one of the available WSI Affiliate of your choice at any point in the process
  • Preferred rates to any program experience offered/facilitated by Ella Schatzmann
As a Certified CODE Model Coach, you have already discovered the limitless potential that you carry - and your ability to bring it to life in how you live! Every day begins with an invitation for you to open your eyes and ask: How does the godforce that I AM choose to live today? History falls away and we become both willing and able to create a life of our own design, playing the game at the level of intensity we desire.

We like to think of ourselves as contagious in our passion, commitment and desire to live well and live large! We are often less willing to acknowledge that we are equally contagious in our fear, uncertainty and desire to hide ourselves away from the often stinging interpretations and judgements of others. And yet, Life - in all its magic! - is contagious no matter who we are choosing to be in the moment. The more meaningful question becomes: am I both willing and able to choose, choice point up... and be authentically mySelf?


CMC DISCOVERY is designed to keep you connected to yourSelf ; and make it easier for you to stay connected to others on a similiar journey of ongoing and deepening personal expression. With regular and easy contact, CMC's in this process are reminded that their lives belong to them - and their willingness to engage that life is a measure of their depth of connection to Self. Remembering who you are is essential to redefining how you live!

The CMC Discovery process:

  • keeps you awake, connected and engaged - in a world eager for you to lose yourself to the collective coma;
  • provides you with a single low cost registration into multiple WEL-Systems conversations and experiences that are meaningful to you leading up to and/or following your CODE Model Coaching Intensive;
  • draws on who you have already become to propel you further into the future of your own design; and
  • allows you to identify, embrace and move through perceived limitations - large and small - that you might discover the gift of the genious that lies below... just waiting to be claimed!

The Accelerated CMC DISCOVERY process is an optional 6-month journey that begins in either February or August and contains a similar number of personal and group interactions as the annual process. Every month, for six consecutive months, you'll be encouraged to embrace the greater call within you that seeks expression in your day-to-day world. You'll be encouraged and inspired to reach beyond your current perceived limitations and discover that on the holodeck of your experience, it's all illusion - so you might as well create the illusion that lights up your life!

CMC DISCOVERY is all about you! As a CODE Model Coach or as someone who knows they will be, as a living expression of The CODE Model™ through the Signal of Self that you are, you continue to call into your experience the people, places and events that beckon for you to become more authentically present as the Signal that you are. We recognize that it's not always easy to stand alone in a collective mind and yet, to do otherwise would be a betrayal not only of your existing truth but of your potential. CMC DISCOVERY is intended to offer you the opportunity to know that you are never alone.

This small group experience is designed for impact while being shaped to meet your practical needs. With a maximum of 10 participants, CMC DISCOVERY ensures personal attention as you seek to determine for yourSelf how else you might choose to live your life, today!

The CMC Discovery process is not for everyone - and it is for YOU if you're ready to BE the difference in your own life! As you move through this process, you can expect to move forward in leaps and bounds. Your preferred CMC DISCOVERY experience will leave you marvelling at your own genius, delighted by your potential and celebrating your authentic expression in ways you had never imagined. All that AND the great company of other courageous, compassionate and powerful women - just like you! - to make it that much more fun.

If you're ready for more, contact Ella directly to explore if the CMC DISCOVERY process would feed your interests and move you beyond your challenges.


  • Maximum number of participants: 10
  • Investment for the 12 month process is $1200 plus taxes
  • Investment for the 6 month accelerated process is $900 plus taxes
  • Recorded skype call between Ella and Naomi following each two day weekend.
  • Recorded skype call between Ella and Nancy following each two hour GTM
  • Recorded 2-hour GTM in December with participants

Registration Process:

  • Contact Ella directly to explore your interest. The CMC Discovery process commences in January of the calendar year; the Accelerated process begins in Febrary or August.
  • Your non-refundable deposit of $300 reserves your place in CODE Model Coach Discovery 2014.