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Entrepreneurial Women
Huna: Rediscovering
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Sexual, Sensual and
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Women and Fear

The next evolutionary leap in your WEL-Systems® Journey!

The Accelerated Coaching for Entrepreneurial Stars (ACES) experience unfolds over a full year, with face-to-face experiences spanning four, 2-day weekends of real-life, real-time connection. This is the ongoing conversation that explores possibility and bridges intention to practice.

"How we must choose: We choose to make the choices that will move us toward our declared intention; and to not make the choices that will simply move us away from our fears." Declaration of Evolution by Intention™

Big! Bold! Boundless and formless! Edgy, provocative, compelling… not because it’s a predetermined pathway but because it calls upon and awakens the unsettled, feral essence of our potential being. It is not that we move casually through those conversations, it is more that we trek… climbing the rock faces of our own uncertainties, as they unfold and rise up from those increasingly deeper states of awakeing… making our way, in the dark, through the underwater caves of our own fears… with nothing but the good company of each other and our unique inner truth to lead the way. For me, this experience has become a living expression of The Great Adventure that is my life... destined to continue to grow and evolve in impact and scope.

The ACES conversation is for women who have experienced the power of a WEL-Systems approach in their own lives and want to know more about how to embrace this paradigm as a way of being, for themselves and with others. ACES is for those who are ready to allow the immensity of who they know they are - inside, where they live - to make its way into and through the outside world, to be experienced by others; who know the power of a WEL-Systems® approach and want to share it with others; and who recognize that what they can create alone will never bring the joy, the freedom and the immensity of what will manifest in co-creation with others of like mind. For this, we must be able to engage authentically with others, knowing that we can never lose ourselves.

Whether entrepreneurial in their own business or practice; or whether entrepreneurial within their corporate and community systems, candidates for the ACES experience know that they are destined to shape their worlds rather than be shaped by them; in a way that awakens others to their own potential. No longer willing to sit in silence and long for things to be different, participants in the ACES experience become living expressions of what it is to live large, live fully and live lives by design!
Louise LeBrun

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Those massive and self-emanating expressions of Light that seek to shine at their most potent in the Universe of our daily lives; that have the desire to move beyond a start/stop way of living; that intuitively know that a much larger world awaits; and that know the deep desire to live large and live out loud!

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