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RYS Episode 94 with Sheila Winter Wallace

Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 94 ~ Radical Wellbeing! Today’s exploration launches us into the 3rd in a series of topics of great meaning for and relevance to the lives of women!  In the new, one-day experience of ‘Radical EVEolution: Reclaiming LeaderSelf‘, we make our way to the sharp edge of possibility and reconsider how else we might choose to live our… Read more »

Accelerated Healing: Choosing a Different Path

Healing – of body, mind and spirit – is a choice. And yet it seems that, no matter how much evidence we have to support this notion, we hesitate to allow ourselves to consider – let alone, trust! – that which is unfamiliar to us.   The following recording offers an invitation allow ourselves to trust what moves inside us;… Read more »

Thinking about… living

The ultimate prize is not to live a long life.  The ultimate prize is to be whole. Louise LeBrun Be Inspired, Motivated, and Provoked when using your iPhone or iPad Get  WELquotes from the iTunes Store read more about WELquotes This post has been viewed 323 times.