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Deb Ozarko’s Great Adventure: New Book!

What an honour it was for me to be included in Deb’s Great Adventure! In the trusted and expansive Space that Deb creates; and in the very good company of so many others, Deb Ozarko’s new book opens up possibility where, today, one might be tempted to consider that limitation has become the norm! ‘Unplug: 26 People Share How They… Read more »

Unschooling : podcast with Naomi Irons & Angela Arbuckle

Another compelling conversation, sourced through Deb Ozarko and her life-enhancing podcast, Unplug! Naomi Irons and Angela Arbuckle bring the truth of their own experience, to be shared into yours.  Beyond philosophy and diving deeply into the practicality, Angela and Naomi are living expressions of the power that comes from being wiling to see what you see; hear what you hear; and… Read more »

A New Podcast – The Genius of Unplugging

It’s been a while, and a few weeks ago I decided to get back into the swing of creating my InConversation Podcasts. I have just released The Genius of Unplugging Last summer I engaged with fellow Registered CODE Model Coach™, Cathy Saunders, President of Choice Point Living Consulting Inc. on her experience of ‘unplugging’. It was a powerful conversation that… Read more »

‘Unplug!’ Podcast: Launching 2015 with Louise

It is never difficult for me to be in compelling and thought-provoking conversation with Deb Ozarko of ‘Unplug!’ podcast.  Our first conversation in July of 2014 made way for us to allow worlds to merge, in a way that invited the whole to become greater than the sum of its parts. Provocative enquiry with an undertone of being gentle with ourselves!  Now,… Read more »