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Thinking About… Consumption

  “Today, I am mindful of consumption.  The consumption of thoughts and ideas.  The consumption of consciousness.   What thoughts am I buying?  My own or those of another?  What ideas am I choosing to pick off the shelf and take home with me, allowing them to infiltrate my day-to-day expression?  How much of my consumption of consciousness emerges from… Read more »

Thinking About… The Long Haul

  “We have so little stamina for our own evolution; so little endurance for the long haul of perpetual becoming, thinking some books and one course a year are going to transform our lives.   It is not the books/course that transforms – it is our unshakeable and unrelenting commitment to expressing the truth of our own experience, from one… Read more »

Thinking About… Evolution

  “To seek and embrace my own evolution is the essential  requirement that changes my life. To dare to do so visibly and audibly in the presence of others becomes the invitation and the permission for them to step into that consideration for themselves. It is essential and it is not enough to evolve alone.  It takes all of us to change the world… Read more »

Thinking About… Inside/Outside

  “I can’t begin to tell you how many I have worked with who live a secret, unexpressed interior reality; never daring to allow that which they say to themselves, to be heard by any other.   As much as we may be trained… designed… entrained!… to live that way, it is not our essential Nature.  To live a life… Read more »

Thinking About…Self Deception

  “It hurts to think that we live in such a world.  That we have created such a world.  That we are capable of such creations!  And yet, try as we might to look the other way and seek to redeem ourselves in the measures of our perceived greatness (advances in technology, aid packages to foreign lands, medical marvels, etc.),… Read more »