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Engage Yourself In April

Spring is coming, engage yourself in another cycle of growth and evolution. This is some of what I’m up to at Engaging Wellness in April. click image to enlarge Wednesday April 16th & 30th, May 14th & 28th, and June 11th 2014- Facilitated Book Club Experience: The Untethered Soul What happens when we choose to unravel the tapestry of illusions that… Read more »

Synchronous and Potent

I went out with a couple of girlfriends last night to see the movie Philomena. It was an amazing movie….and it was potent for me. I got so much more than my six dollar admission advertised. I moved wave after wave in the movie theatre. On the big screen, in technicolor, was an internal dance I had done with myself since childhood…. Read more »

Potency in Collective

As you know Betty and I began an online book club experience in January. http://www.wel-systems.com/engage/?s=untethered+soul I thought I would share some of my experience with you. The potency of experiencing in collective cannot be underestimated. This is the third read through/experience of this book for me, and it is still powerful; I am discovering more. Consider creating an experience for yourself… Read more »

Final Call To Participate

You are invited to experience No Longer Bracing: Experiencing the Entirety of ME   This is an invitation to feel the chaos. This is an invitation to engage the curiosity. This is an invitation to enter sacred space. This is an invitation to become transparent, to lay yourself bare. This is an invitation to seek the edges and test. This is… Read more »

Final Call to Participate

You are invited to experience Transparency:  It’s an inside job. This past year I engaged myself in a year-long experience where I was the only participant in the program room.  The experience I created was all about no longer sidestepping my SELF and my EVOLUTION. It brought into awareness the subtle dances I had woven into the very act of… Read more »