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Waking Up is a Personal Choice

This is my first blog posting in almost 2 years. I do a lot of writing in emails with friends and clients; however, until now, my blog has seen no activity in a very long time. And what I have written in the past is, for now, archived in an older format that is now off-line. LOL, my history is… Read more »

BSI – BodySpirit Integration: Relaxing Into & Deepening Your November Retreat Experience

Will you be joining Louise LeBrun in her November retreat, Women Gathering: Tuning into the Turmoil? The retreat dates are November 25 to 27, 2015. The location is the Chateau Montebello in Quebec, just an hours drive from Ottawa. I’ll be present and ready to fully relax into all of the evocative, dynamic and expansive conversations I choose to call to… Read more »

WSI Affiliates: Voices Raised

Every voice counts!  And every voice holds the potential to profoundly and generatively reshape ‘reality’ as we have come to understand it.  Below, you’ll find links to recent activities of two WSI Affiliates :  Betty Carr-Braint and Sheila Winter Wallace. Among many other things, Betty Carr-Briant is elder-in-residence at the Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre at Queen’s University in Kingston. Her deep… Read more »

Hiolani & Ho’o Pono Pono: Monday Evening Renewal

Aloha and may be force be with us, in so many remarkable ways of our unique choosing, as we each proceed into 2015. I have an invitation for you…. Starting as soon as this Monday evening, January 26, 2015, I will  host a 2-hour experience – from 7 to 9 PM- for meditation with Hiolani and a guided reflection with… Read more »

Power of Language and Metaphor: Leveraging Body Genius for Change

Less than one week away, you still have time to register and engage in what I know will be a compelling and life transformative conversation, inviting mastery in your Self, for your Self, by your Self… in the good company of others, committed to their own personal evolution. Language and body are metaphors for how we are, uniquely, choosing to… Read more »