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Engage Yourself In April

Spring is coming, engage yourself in another cycle of growth and evolution. This is some of what I’m up to at Engaging Wellness in April. click image to enlarge Wednesday April 16th & 30th, May 14th & 28th, and June 11th 2014- Facilitated Book Club Experience: The Untethered Soul What happens when we choose to unravel the tapestry of illusions that… Read more »

Dances With Stéphanie: Exploring The Art of Self Sabotage

This experience is back by popular demand… I’m sure I could write a memoir and call it something epic like Dances With Stéphanie, maybe even get it made into a movie.  There would be intricate plot twists, complicated illusions being unraveled, and a lot of ‘I didn’t see that coming’ moments.  And sadly none of it would be fiction, it would be… Read more »