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Thinking About…Parenting

“Children by choice.  Children by accident.  Children by obligation.  Children by surprise.  Children by acts of curiosity, acts of love and acts of violence.  Children are the most powerful evidence we have of our existing inability to recognize that parenting is how we have consistently carved out the future by mindlessly repeating the past.  Parenting redefined and redesigned can become… Read more »

Waking Up is a Personal Choice

This is my first blog posting in almost 2 years. I do a lot of writing in emails with friends and clients; however, until now, my blog has seen no activity in a very long time. And what I have written in the past is, for now, archived in an older format that is now off-line. LOL, my history is… Read more »

Thinking About… Mind Control

“Parenting is the dominant and most pervasive form of mind control.  Mindful, awakened and internally-referenced parenting can and will change the world.“ Louise LeBrun Be Inspired, Motivated, and Invited for More when using your iPad Get This New Book from the iTunes Store This post has been viewed 416 times.

Parenting: Louise’s Article in OmPlace/AltWire

  “How do we determine, or define, what constitutes ‘good’ parenting or ‘bad’ parenting? What is the context that we have created within which we make decisions about the way that we engage with our developing children? And more importantly, how many of us are parenting from a context that has been shaped outside our awareness and yet continues to… Read more »

Women as “mother”

I sat down to write a response to Ashley’s post, “waves of guilt” and realized that this convsersation is a big one for me. This conversation is essential to how we relate to the little ones in our lives. This conversation speaks to the mindset of the emerging species, the creation of a new way of being. This convsersation has… Read more »