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Boundless Leader-Self: Women and Leadership

I have been invited to speak at the University Club of Montreal at their Luncheon Event on Thursday October 2nd, 2014 on the topic Boundless Leader-Self: Women and Leadership – A provocative and compelling new framework for women and creation. The conversation about ‘leadership’ is one that positions it as something ‘out there’ that we need to study, strive for… Read more »

Radical EVEolution: Update with Noreen Mejias-Bennett

As one day follows the other, we continue to gain insight and discovery into our own potential as we make our way to the launch of Radical EVEolution in Halifax on Saturday, April 19th. Although still several weeks away from ‘the main event’, we are noticing that even the simple intention of considering the notion of ‘radical’ in our lives… Read more »

Radical EVE ~ Halifax: Time to Reserve Your Place!

With great excitement and enthusiasm, we continue our countdown to the arrival of April 19th : the day we launch Radical EVEolution in Halifax, NS; at the Lord Nelson Hotel. This new, compelling and action-packed day is a call to women of all ages, stages and interests to come together in an exploration of the possible. Beyond the habits of… Read more »

RYS Episode 92 with Noreen Mejias-Bennett

Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 92 ~ Radical Money! Today’s exploration launches us into a series of topics of great meaning for and relevance to the lives of women!  In the new, one-day experience of ‘Radical EVEolution: Reclaiming LeaderSelf‘, we make our way to the sharp edge of possibility and reconsider how else we might choose to live our lives, today!  Designed… Read more »

Reminder: Noreen and Sheila – Saturday, October 5th

   Join Noreen Mejias-Bennett and Sheila Winter Wallace at Find A Coach Exhibition in Ottawa Lives Transforming ~ Worlds Emerging: Discover WEL-Systems®   Mark your Calendars for Saturday October 5th, 2013 and meet us at the Find A Coach Exhibition (FACE) in Ottawa. For details about us and FACE, see  http://www.powerfocuscoaching.com/FindACoachExpo/exhibitors/index.html#WSI   Download and read our August’s articles Noreen Mejias-Bennett Vision, Voice, Choice:… Read more »