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Overcoming the Fear of Speaking Publicly

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking is a new program experience for individuals looking to move through and beyond their fear and can be accessed through public offerings or through your organization. For many giving a presentation at work, speaking to a group at a conference setting, or even in a class can be debilitating. Over 75% of the population… Read more »

So Many Ways to ENGAGE!

As we come to the end of January 2016…it’s already going so quickly, you might be wondering what’s going on where I can be in a different conversation with mySELF? Well look  no further. I have just released the winter schedule of conversation events being offered. Some are via online video conferencing, others are in person, there are LOTS of… Read more »

Leader SELF Coaching Circle

What does it mean to lead from an internal state of BEING? This is one question we will explore during the four month Leader SELF Coaching Circle experience. It is about doing the deep dive inside yourself to discover the beliefs, values and attitudes you hold around the nominalization of LEADER and to discover what else is possible. We are… Read more »

And the beat goes on

Happy February! Where did January Go??? Living life in the moment, breath by breath somehow speeds up and slows time down all at the same time. January was a month filled with conversation for me. Engaging in the Wounded Child ~ Warrior Woman conversation with 10 women was profound and life altering. Each week we discovered something new in the… Read more »

Happy 2015!

Lisa J. Weiss   January 14, 2015   No Comments on Happy 2015!

Hello Everyone! Happy 2015!!!!! I keep having to write it so I don’t default to 2014 heheehe. Right off the top I have three announcements: I have a new blog called Resolution or Intention. I recognized all the years I set New Years Resolutions and really nothing shifted, and then one day I created an intention and everything shifted in… Read more »