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The Sharp Edge of Possibility

In the quiet deep of the night, I awoke with a thought running through my awareness.  I reached for my phone and began to type to myself from mySelf, this thought: “We are rapidly approaching the sharp edge of our greatest despair and our greatest hope. We will soon have no option other than to choose which side of blade… Read more »

New Article by Louise: Impeccability and Manifestation

  It has been a while since I have felt drawn to write.  With the recent passing of my Dad, it is as if the scales have been lifted from my eyes; and once again, not only do I see… I see very differently. I share the following observations of my own perceptions in the hope that you might notice… Read more »

Reaping what we mindfully sow

It’s Wednesday and I’m mindful of my commitment to myself to listen to/for something that will expand my world. This one (on Evolution by Intention), I’ve listened to a few times, mindful that it’s not a quick listen; it’s not an easy listen; and it’s not a catchy little ditty that you can hum when you’re leaving the show! It… Read more »

Thinking About… Repetition

“It’s more comfortable for us to repeat a miserable past than it is to create an unknown future because we already know how to do that!” Louise LeBrun Be Inspired, Motivated, and Provoked when using your iPhone or iPad Get  WELquotes from the iTunes Store read more about WELquotes This post has been viewed 457 times.

Thoughts About… Manifestation

The quality of my life will be determined by my capacity to manifest. Manifestation is a dance of mindfulness in flow with awakened presence as its conduit. Manifestation is not a dance of the intellect but one of the body in tune with and connected to an urge… an impulse… to choose in an instant. ”Turn left”… without hesitation or… Read more »