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So Many Ways to ENGAGE!

As we come to the end of January 2016…it’s already going so quickly, you might be wondering what’s going on where I can be in a different conversation with mySELF? Well look  no further. I have just released the winter schedule of conversation events being offered. Some are via online video conferencing, others are in person, there are LOTS of… Read more »

Decloaking and Living Authentically: LeaderSelf

An Invitation: Holly Irons and Naomi Irons invite you to join them for a Decloaking and Living Authentically Experience September 15th-19th in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. In Naomi’s Words: We are all, already designed to live as the passionate and grounded leaders of our unique and immense potential…we have simply forgotten our own majesty along the way! For far too… Read more »

Women, Leadership and the Power of the Organic

In a quiet moment between the gentle unfurling of my own thoughts and the necessities of day-to-day living, I find myself revisiting a small part of a much more extensive and in-depth exploration that emerged from the ‘Boundless LeaderSelf’ conversation. What comes to mind, is: “Think globally – act locally.” In a world already buffeted by the opening salvoes of the… Read more »

RYS Episode 96 with Naomi Irons

Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 96 ~ Radical LeaderSelf! Today’s exploration launches us into the last in a series of topics of great meaning for and relevance to the lives of women!  In the new, one-day experience of ‘Radical EVEolution: Reclaiming LeaderSelf‘, we make our way to the sharp edge of possibility and reconsider how else we might choose to live our… Read more »

New CD’s and A Special Offer

We’ve been busy!  We have not one but TWO NEW provocative, challenging and life-altering audio experiences for you to dive into!  Visit the webpages for a full descriptions of each of these experiences and decide what is most meaningful, for you.  And once there, it you recognize the size of your hunger demands that you embrace the full meal deal,… Read more »