“What kind of society is it that…. “

Posted by on March 15, 2015 at 2:57 pm

“What kind of society is it that kills its own best men?” (Francis Richard Conolly)

This is the final question posed at the end of the lengthy (3:27:55) offering by Francis Richard Conolly, called “JFK to 911: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick’.  Long?  Yes.  Worth it?  Definitely!

As I share this with you, it is not about good/bad, right/wrong for me – it is about trusting your own internal truth.  I remember exactly where I was the day JFK was assassinated.  I still know that sense of television blending with ‘reality’… of engineered drama mixing with current moments.  I still know that feeling… and it all feels a little (or a lot!)  ‘off’.

For me, the essential final enquiry lies in this simple yet so often impossible internal choice:  Are we (human beings) fundamentally good or evil?  Are we here to create or destroy?

I choose to trust my own internal cue :  I am here to create – and I trust that you are, too.

I choose to walk the path of embracing that which is essential to my very Being… and trust that you will, too.

In the world of my creation, I make the choices that bring life; that nurture potential; and that honour the expression of the living godforce that I know mySelf – and you – to be.

I offer this extensive exploration as an invitation to you to notice your internal cues as you bear witness to an external ‘truth’ or ‘reality’.  As you watch/listen, notice your internal experience as it presents from within… and pay attention.  Your body knows, if you allow it to be heard.

We are not held captive by the destruction of the past or its potential into the future.  The point of power is in the ‘now’… and we can only be taken hostage by our willingness to abandon this moment… and this moment… and this… to that which will rob us of knowing ourSelves.  And for that, we must willingly participate.  It is no surprise that we are drenched in the constant and compelling sounds and images of television et al.  There is no greater theft of internal awakening, as our moment  –  our point of power – is overwhelmed with sensory input outside, engineering our internal state.  And with that, we allow ourselves to be taken and owned.


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Thinking About… Repetition

Posted by on May 7, 2012 at 10:07 am

“It’s more comfortable for us to repeat a miserable past than it is to create an unknown future because we already know how to do that!”

Louise LeBrun

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