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Join me: Montebello ~ November 25, 26 & 27

It’s that time of year, again!  Twice a year (April and November), I make my way to the Chateau Montebello to create a context of comfort, relaxation and support for my body; that my mind might make leaps in stretching, expanding and carving out new thoughts for my new world!   And I choose to do that, in the good company… Read more »

Choosing Possibility: The Power of Process

Choice is such a tricky thing!  Beyond what we have been taught to believe ‘choice’ is, we have been significantly and profoundly affected by what has been modelled to us in our much earlier years.    What we say and think; what we talk about and expound on – these are the fog that often surrounds and permeates a possibility,… Read more »

The Many Faces of Potential

It has been a busy summer! In addition to laughing a lot (being surrounded by my adult sons and their wonderful partners is indeed, good for the Soul!), I’ve enjoyed several beautiful drives to the Eastern Townships to visit my Mom (now 89) as her days continue to unfold with music, trips to local tea rooms and the exceedingly civilized… Read more »

Life Enhancing Conversations~Upcoming Events in Nova Scotia

Happy Spring! Depending on how you look at Spring…:) We are in the mist of another winter blast! After a long winter nap, I AM out of a much needed hibernation and AWAKE to such a hunger to discover more of the Full Expression of my Being through the upcoming Experiences I will be Creating and Co-Creating, as well as… Read more »

Daring to Awaken: Surviving the Red Pill!

In ‘The Matrix’, Morpheus offers an awakening to reality by taking the red pill.  Take the blue pill, and remain ignorant.  Take the red pill, and there is no going back. The desire to awaken is great and palpable!  Not only because of curiosity but because of an ever- increasing hunger to connect to a more meaningful life.  Taking the… Read more »