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“New Paradigm – New World” Now Available on iPhone!

What a lovely surprise!  I found out today from a dear friend and colleague, that she could access my enhanced eBook ‘New Paradigm – New World: Awakening the Quantum Biological Human™‘ on her iPhone!  How wonderful is that! Here’s what iTunes says is required in order to purchase this enhanced eBook that includes more than 6 hours of sound files:… Read more »

Thinking About… #Potential

“In the garden of my own #potential, the weeds are my invitation to know how robust, persistent, prolific and thorny I can be!“ Louise LeBrun Be Inspired, Motivated, and Invited for More when using your iPad Get This New Book from the iTunes Store This post has been viewed 283 times.

TEDtalk: Childhood Trauma and Parenting

A powerful and compelling invitation from Nadine Burke Harris to allow ourselves to see what see, hear what we hear and know what we know. Perhaps the greatest impediment to being able to do so lies in the recognition that we cannot allow ourselves to consider the profound and lasting impact of childhood trauma – and its boundless effect to shape… Read more »

Pricing for Participation

Lives Transforming – Worlds Emerging!  February 2015 will mark 25 years of evolution of the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge.  Twenty-five years of exploration, discovery, expansion and accelerated evolution… perched at the edge of a significant leap in expression of potential and Authentic Self.  Join me as I celebrate with others, in the coming months.  Indeed, Life is good! Louise LeBrun ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~… Read more »