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A World in Collapse: Deb Ozarko

I am not, usually, an early riser.  I prefer to allow the morning sun to rise higher in the sky before I trundle into the kitchen and start working on that first cup of coffee.  Today, however, was different. Just before 5:00 a.m., I awoke and made the mistake of reaching for my phone.  (I know… I know….)  There, I… Read more »

Deb Ozarko’s Great Adventure: New Book!

What an honour it was for me to be included in Deb’s Great Adventure! In the trusted and expansive Space that Deb creates; and in the very good company of so many others, Deb Ozarko’s new book opens up possibility where, today, one might be tempted to consider that limitation has become the norm! ‘Unplug: 26 People Share How They… Read more »

Unschooling : podcast with Naomi Irons & Angela Arbuckle

Another compelling conversation, sourced through Deb Ozarko and her life-enhancing podcast, Unplug! Naomi Irons and Angela Arbuckle bring the truth of their own experience, to be shared into yours.  Beyond philosophy and diving deeply into the practicality, Angela and Naomi are living expressions of the power that comes from being wiling to see what you see; hear what you hear; and… Read more »

Boundaries… and Beyond! ~ New podcast with Louise

In the midst of many and significant changes in my life, I had the great opportunity to be in an open, expansive and compelling conversation with ‘open heart specialist’ Deb Ozarko on her ‘Unplug!’ podcast.   My conversations with Deb always lead me into new thoughts and through fields of potential, to that point untapped. In Episode 75 (Boundaries… and… Read more »

WSI Affiliates: Voices Raised

Every voice counts!  And every voice holds the potential to profoundly and generatively reshape ‘reality’ as we have come to understand it.  Below, you’ll find links to recent activities of two WSI Affiliates :  Betty Carr-Braint and Sheila Winter Wallace. Among many other things, Betty Carr-Briant is elder-in-residence at the Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre at Queen’s University in Kingston. Her deep… Read more »