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Thinking About… The Moment

Excerpt from:  ‘Whispers from Within‘ 10-day writing event – Day 3 “Perhaps peace and joy will be found in my willingness to simply stay in the present moment and fully embrace what presents…. seeking not to understand but simply to surrender to that moment…. trusting that there will be a next.  In my surrender, I am left without the essential… Read more »

You’re Invited: 10-day Writing Adventure!

I recently had the great privilege of stepping into the ‘Whispers from Within’ 10-day writing experience with a small group of women. These women were asked to be on this journey with me, bringing the full measure of their own concurrent evolution as I chose to dive more deeply into my own. The results for us all, have been outstanding… Read more »

How else might you choose to live YOUR life, today?

Long ago, I knew that I needed a very different process (a WEL-Systems® approach) for living beyond the one that I had been inculcated into from childhood (i.e. parenting); enforced and reinforced through religion, the educational system and all other societal systems that flowed from the parent/child model that teaches:  authority is always right – and I/you/we are always wrong…. Read more »

OmPlace/AltWire ~ “Seeing Through the Eye of the Storm”

“Recently, there has been lots of turmoil. Lots of change and uncertainty. Life coming and Life going away. Many new ideas and considerations. New and different paths from which to choose, needing first to explore and discover the underlying mechanism for choosing that will enliven my “being”. Random thoughts coming and going, some taking root and some simply nodding in… Read more »

Thinking About… Permission

“When is seeking permission outside ourselves, in truth, the moment of being taken hostage by another?”  (Louise LeBrun) Be Inspired, Motivated, and Invited for More when using your iPad/iPhone Get This New Book from the iTunes Store This post has been viewed 241 times.