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Unschooling : podcast with Naomi Irons & Angela Arbuckle

Another compelling conversation, sourced through Deb Ozarko and her life-enhancing podcast, Unplug! Naomi Irons and Angela Arbuckle bring the truth of their own experience, to be shared into yours.  Beyond philosophy and diving deeply into the practicality, Angela and Naomi are living expressions of the power that comes from being wiling to see what you see; hear what you hear; and… Read more »

The Launch of The Rural Consciousness Project

  The Rural Consciousness Project began as a thought and has grown into a deeply rooted intention for Being and Living that continues to provoke itself into Life by four passionate, courageous and incredibly dynamic women who all carry a shared vision for a New World. A World in which sustained accelerated consciousness is the creative force behind a way… Read more »

Transformation ~ Awakened Presence, Intuition Creates LIFE!

Thanks Angela Arbuckle, For being the constant reminder that it is possible to create what we want. This post you offered on Facebook today – This is a truth of mine ~as I read this quote further words bubbled up inside: All I need to discover, is waiting inside me. I came here to discover the leaps possible  for my… Read more »

Birthing a New Paradigm

Episode 51 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/02/24 ~ Birthing a New Paradigm Guest Host: Naomi Irons Birth holds the potential to become a gateway. A powerful experience of Lifeforce in tissue, allowing us to re-birth ourselves, while bringing new life into our world. Women have been giving birth for many many generations. How often do we stop to ask… Read more »