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Thinking About… Conflict

Excerpt from:  ‘Whispers from Within‘ 10-day writing event – Day 4 “There is no short cut.  I can and will and must hold two opposing notions at the same time. The notion that I am a powerful Force of Creation, carving out my own life. The notion that I am alive in a place and at a time that relentlessly… Read more »

April Retreat with Louise: Chelsea, Quebec

Seedling of Consciousness: Becoming the Roots of a New Reality In the spring, we become mindful of things to come. We watch as snow melts and temperatures rise, softening our world in preparation for Life to reclaim its full expression in colour, shape, texture and sound. The smell of new Life fills the senses and we know, without hesitation or… Read more »

Waking Up is a Personal Choice

This is my first blog posting in almost 2 years. I do a lot of writing in emails with friends and clients; however, until now, my blog has seen no activity in a very long time. And what I have written in the past is, for now, archived in an older format that is now off-line. LOL, my history is… Read more »

Talking to Myself….

It has been interesting for me to watch flow from the ends of my fingers, the thoughts that (clearly!) I have been needing to share with myself!  In the holographic universe of my creation, the great pressure that I am feeling…. from somewhere deeper than I have ever known… has found its expression through words, vibration and sound. Indeed, the… Read more »

Ground Zero for Perpetual Change

As I anticipate the upcoming Women Gathering experience at the Chateau Montebello, I am mindful of the much larger world – the greater context – within which my life unfolds.  That I am  already whole, unique and essential to my world does not preclude my interconnection with the collective world through which I flow. Long ago, the theme for this… Read more »