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People send us letters, emails, drop by to talk or pick up the phone to (re)connect. After every WEL-Systems experience, we also ask for comments – we enjoy and honour the feedback.

If you would like to share your comments or feedback, send us an email at: Feedback@WEL-Systems.com

Listed below is just a sampling of some ‘feedback’ we have received…


The WEL-Systems / QuantumTLC / CODE Model approach is not only a very powerful model it is absolutely revolutionary! I want to continue to be an active participant in its development and diffusion. Count me in for the ride!

As I get ready to board the plane back to (home), just want to say “thanks and good-bye”. A lot of the confusion in my life has been cleared, a sense of peace fills my thoughts as I dream about the future. And boy, the future certainly looks bright!!! With you all the way!

My life is completely different from what it was when we last saw each other … Before I had no vision, no idea of what success could mean. Now, I still don’t and I realize that’s what ‘the field’ is: Pure Potential.

The key learning from this session included understanding how to utilize all my body in everyday life, the power of the WEL-Systems® model and how important rapport is to effective communication.
Chris. S., Ottawa, ON

The tears of joy have paused for the moment and through them I see a rich and joyous tapestry. … Pretending to have faith despite the indications that I am insane by others’ evaluations has produced the faith and now nothing will ever be the same again, Thank Universe. 🙂 … when for the last time I experienced the inauthenticity of my supervisor’s actions I bore internal witness to the incompatibility of working to be authentic while tolerating its opposite in my everyday existence: I allowed myself to fly away in an act of courage and after a weekend of internal conflict, ____ became my former employer. … All this is to say “WOW!” and that now I know on faith that I will be taking the Master Prac course in July.

Just came back from a one-day team building exercise. I used to take days off to avoid attending to those cause I felt voiceless. Well, I told them this time I was taking double air-time for all these days I had missed. I gave and defended my opinions on every topic in an “intelligent”/constructive way while respecting others. Used a lot of NLP principles. Results: after 4 years of trying, it is the FIRST time we concluded we had made a major step ahead in understanding and respecting each others. The Directors even thanked me for my contribution. Can you imagine!!

I love you guys – you’re the best. P.S. : Loved your book! I got it on a Friday had it all read by Sunday afternoon….couldn’t put it down. Thank you!

It was the most extraordinary course I’ve had the privilege of attending.

It was incredible. It made me aware of myself again and what and why things are happening in the organization I work in. It introduced me to concepts in a way I never thought about before; and it put me on a new level of thinking and feeling about myself.

Personally helpful to me as the leader of the organization. It gave me the courage to confront some leadership issues in myself and my group. Life has been much more pleasant (for me) and more effective (for the organization) ever since.

You said “life-altering” — this is an understatement!

I am so thankful for you and your program. Keep up the good work and know that you are helping many people to not only change their lives in the minutes they are dealing with you but also long after you have moved on.

During the training, I was surprised:

  1. how the group so quickly came together and connected
  2. significant change could occur so quickly
  3. how everything was explained in such an easy to understand and apply
  4. that so much relevant, life changing material could be easily integrated
    into a person’s life in just 7 days
  5. everything made sense at a gut level

Stephen R., Fredericton, NB

Remember that 3 day seminar that I took from you 4 years ago? It is still having profound effects today!

I am more confident, more willing to trust intuition and non-intellectual approaches in the work environment. I have also become less timid about using non-traditional approaches and talking about personal points of view with my staff.

The program helped me deal with a number of problems relating to how I see other people and relate to them.

I learned how to speak to my father, enabling him to tell me that he loves me; enabling him to hug me for the first time in conscious memory.
Chris M., Halifax, NS

Invaluable tool for understanding relationships at home and at the office. Wonderful experience. It has allowed me to notice more around me and allowed me to be more open-minded.

A completely positive experience for me personally and as the leader of my group.

Before I took this program, I found it almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning to go to work; now, I actually enjoy being at work!

It’s amazing how much everybody else I work with has changed since I took this program!

Professional approach with love, caring and a great knowledge of NLP.

A tremendous impact on me both personally and professionally.

I realized that only I can change myself.

It made me be less judgmental of others’ views and opinions.

The program helped me to start valuing and trusting my whole self, acknowledging resources I have to influence my work as well as my personal situations.

I have resolved more and deeper issues in the past two days than I have in 15 years.

Who’d have thought that change could be this much fun.

I’ve come to realize that if I want something to change, it’s up to me.

The book (Fully Alive) is a stunning accomplishment. Ms LeBrun is clear, concise, creative. Her research is thorough and imaginative, she irresistibly invites the reader to join in and she provokes recognition at all aspects of daily life. Creating what we want, stands in the power to change ourselves as individual human beings. In this book the map of change is laid out in its utter complexity and simplicity. But the map is not the journey … it is up to us to take the first step … to be aware that at each moment we stand at the power point of choice. Fully Alive kept me riveted to the very last word … it will happen to you too, and you will never be the same again.
Graziella Malagoni, Executive Director, NHC
Institite, Montréal, Canada

Having read countless “self help”, “self development” books and having a degree in Psychology makes me a fairly critical reader of content, style, and message. Having said that, I find this book (Fully Alive) to be an absolute delight. It is well written, sensible, and grounded. I did find Chapter 5 required my full attention and concentration in order to develop an appreciation of your message – but that is a matter of the reader, not the writer. Keep up the excellent work.

I received the tape set (Pathways to Personal Power) by this morning’s mail. I am just taking a break from the first tape to send this. Good stuff!! Just what I need to take my learning to a new level. It also gives me new ways to work with my clients in presenting material. … The most important (to me) piece I got from the tape set was the idea of focusing on the breathing when something triggers. It has helped me to allow and assist information in moving through me that I have resisted in the past. I recognized that I did indeed attempt to freeze the information and when it came back next it came stronger and even harder to resist. Information now flows. Thank you, I continue to enjoy the tapes.

I listened to your Pathways (to Personal Power) tapes and loved the information and messages … What an eye, brain and mind opener!!! Love it!!! I am impressed at how extremely well you present and explain yourself. Super job!!! I could write on and on about how your tapes fascinate, awaken, and excite me! … Keep up the great work!

I received your tapes on ‘Fully Alive From 9 to 5!’ and last week, the book. This is fantastic stuff! Congratulations to you both. I was very moved and impressed by Louise’s delivery, her quickness and her honesty. We currently have so much emerging material in the metaphysical and spiritual realm, which is very exciting- but you have managed to ‘earth’ these philosophies in the everyday reality of our work and our lives…

I ordered the tapes on WEL-Systems® (Fully Alive) and personal power (Pathways to Personal Power) and I was really moved – intellectually and spiritually by the content and delivery of your tapes. Within days, my previous place of employment rang me in desperation- the long standing morale problems amongst the team of 40 nurses was escalating to the point where it was leading to major nursing incidents, personal distress, absenteeism, workers compensation claims…. I took your book (Fully Alive) and discussed and workshopped some of the major concepts with the team in only an 8 hour seminar- and (this will not surprise you) only 3 weeks later – the Director of Nursing is using terms like `magic, unbelievable…. ‘. The wonderful aspect to observe is the personal transformations, insights and resources that it has given many on the team. Many of them have seen themselves as `victims’ and to move to the `effect’ side of the equation I think has been a major thing for them.. The Director of Nursing has spread the details of the WEL-Systems® and the tapes to many within the organization. So you are becoming known over here (Australia)!

As I probably mentioned in my previous email, one of the strengths of the WEL-Systems® (Fully Alive) format from my perspective is that it IS so simple yet powerful – much of the information we all have, in bits and pieces, intuitively perhaps, formally stored here and there- but the WEL-Systems® format seems to pull it all together. It’s like we have all the materials for a kit-home, but no blueprint or no real idea of how to put these materials together in a way that will be useable, meaningful or the foundation for further work. It also seems to build conceptually from the `concrete slab’ (Androgenous Baby) to more complex and personally challenging ideas. But I noticed in the workshop I recently conducted, that as individuals accepted each basic concept in turn, they eventually came to the point where they needed to acknowledge (perhaps for the first time) the notion that they were not only responsible’ for, but able to create the kind of working environments that they had previously only wished for. Moving amongst this group again recently (about 3 weeks after the workshop) I noticed very definite shifts in confidence, ability to take initiative and communication occurring at higher levels (they
laughed and ribbed each other about that as though it were a special secret they shared). One woman said to me `I’m not a victim anymore!” It was very exciting to witness this…

I am cc’ing this e-mail to my very dear friend and I hope you will meet with each other and soon. Louise has put together a book that I highly highly recommend called “Fully Alive”. It is very very practical and easy to follow and would be a great great companion to books about organizational development.

Louise, I finished your book (Fully Alive) last week and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. It is a fabulous piece of work. I felt like I was back in the ‘classroom’ listening to you speak. I’m so glad you published. You are my hero!!!!!

I must tell (Louise) what an impact her Mother/Daughter tape (Women and Power: To Be or Not To Be … My Mother) had on my relationship with my Mom who just passed away Jan 4. Thank the good Lord for her tape!

I am very interested in receiving your other tapes. What I learned on “To Be Or Not To Be… My Mother” has already had an ENORMOUS effect on a very dysfunctional situation that has existed for the last two
plus years. My sister (51) and I (43) had disowned our parents and had refused to communicate any more with them. We also have three brothers, who I had cut myself off from. Your tape helped me to see that to move ahead with my parents, I had to come at the problem from where I am today and not as their daughter, trying to do the right thing or be their nice girl. I am very hopeful that we can all heal a bit in the next while. It is not going to be the same; it is going to be different and hopefully that different will be better for all. I am obviously anxious to hear the rest of your ideas.

I learned that to not move toward my inner truth is to not be fully alive. That I could step toward my dreams and the universe is right there waiting to give everything I need in support of them.

Theresa L. Espanola, ON

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