New Paradigm – New World

New Paradigm – New World: Awakening the Quantum Biological Human™  is available through the iTunes Store

This digital offering, combining new text and more than 7 hours of sound files, educate and inform; guide and direct; and invite and allow you to discover and redesign, at a pace meaningful for you.

Designed for your iPad or Apple computer, you can read, listen and engage directly through the provocative line of enquiry for your more personal and intimate journey into the greater Self.

Below is listed some of the early feedback / reviews received.  You are invited to add your voice…


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It is a wonderful addition to the work I have done and takes many of the concepts to the next level for me. The brilliance of the body and the limitations of the intellect are two things that amaze and change me the more I learn about them.

I was hooked and whenever I had an hour or two available I was listening to and reading this eBook. I have really enjoyed the audio and appreciated how you broke it into manageable chunks. I thought you did that masterfully.

I appreciated the charts and drawings that went with the audio. It was nice to have the visuals and that helped with the feeling of being right there with you when I listened.

I LOVED the guided journey’s and the breath work. The Earth breath is something that I now make part of my daily life and I find it transformative.
I feel a deep sense of trust for you and your body of work because of the way you present yourself so professionally and yet so grounded. Hearing your voice as you explain the concepts makes this so much richer that reading a book.

I completed your eBook last night and I was left with the thought “Louise just shared some of her best stuff” which leaves me wanting more.

This gem of an eBook is the kind of resource I can see myself referring back to for reminders and inspiration. You mentioned near the end that there may be parts that left us feeling challenged but truly my only challenge was the nagging sensation I get of “I need to remember ALL of this”. Having the audio recordings in manageable, well-labeled chunks eases my mind to some degree because I know the material is easy to sort through and review.

I feel like I could read it again next week and have a brand new experience because it is so crammed with awesomeness. I really liked it.

You are amazing.

Thank you for being.

Thank you for sharing.

This is a wonderful tool to always have with me. There are so many things that I know I will want to revisit and access in times to come. It’s really incredible. It feels like a perfect jumping off point for where I am in my present journey!

really enjoyed the eBook. Having audio with written material is wonderful. I also find the cover picture interesting, the flower is beautiful and delicate but then when you really look at it it’s also strong and unique. I feel it’s much like we are as women, we look one way but then when we really look harder we see something else. I find the cover almost hypnotic. It’s a great cover.

I felt quite a bit of tightness in my chest while reading the Forward and Chapter 1, just knowing what direction we were heading in already had by body responding.

Chapter 4 – The written opening was amazing! I felt like I was about to open to a possible new existence, like a new world. I laid back, relaxed and was so open to it. I often went to past experiences depending on the topic and so did my body.

The Quantum Biological Human – I did have a green dot moment during this section. “My body is an instrument of perception”….yes it is and now I really understand that and have experienced it personally and understand it!

Chakra Journey Guided Process – I had a new experience with this recording. I know I will be returning to that recording soon! Lots of stuff to experience there!

Chapter 7 – I enjoyed how you wrapped up this journey and I felt secure know taking the next step in my journey and how to do it.

Your models are very helpful in explaining how we traditionally look at the body, and how we interact with the world
and how we need to change how we perceive both.

I found the information on the body and the different methods of breathing very helpful.

I loved the guided meditations. I have to say…….you have a wonderful, soothing voice!
I will definitely do the guided meditations several more times, re-read the information,
and spend more time contemplating the ideas.

I am very grateful!

You are invited to add your voice…

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