Cultural Crones

Cultural Crones: The Power of Permission

In April of 2014, a small group of women ‘of a certain age’ gathered at the  Fairmont Chateau Montebello.  In less than three days, together, we changed the way we see ourselves, our worlds and each other.   We also changed the way we now choose to live:  not just moving through our worlds but carving out those worlds.  All that, along with lots of free time, great meals and comfy beds!

Cultural Crones: The Power of Permission captures some of the most compelling moments from our time together.  With great courage and an unwillingness to do other than rise to the full measure of undiscovered capacity, we explored the things that are too often left unwanted, unclaimed and unfulfilled.

Are you a woman 50+?  If so, this conversation will offer you the opportunity to stand on new ground as you explore the great power that lives in letting go; and discovering the potential in that seemingly empty Space that presents.  Listen to the CD set and add your comments below.

To find details on the CD topics and tracks; as well as a sample sound clip to give you a ‘feel’ for what this is all about, visit the CD Set Overview web page.

If you have attended the 3 day retreat or listened to the 6 CD set, please add your comments below.

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