RYS Episode 71 with Nancy Hanlon

Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 71 ~ The Power of the Journey

Reclaiming Your Self

It’s may not always easy and it may not always be fun… but for those who are called to the powerful and compelling journey of their own evolution, it is always worth it!  Those who choose to venture into the unknown territory of the Awakened Self soon discover that the power lies in the journey, itself, and not in any single destination.

Join us as we engage in the exploration of the moments of uncertainty; and the great moments of discovery that make it possible for us to ask:  How else might I choose to live MY life, today!

In conversation with: Nancy Hanlon – WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate and Certified CODE Model Coach™ – knows intimately the courage it takes to be both willing and able to begin the never-ending journey of personal evolution for its own sake.

With a background in Social Work; as well as a Certified Instructor of Nia, Nancy combines her passion for people with the grace that comes from the life-lived discoveries of Self and other.

In her own words:  “I entered the social work field thinking I could save the world. That is no longer what I think.   I choose to create conversations that are compelling and life transforming, with individuals, families, couples and professionals that are willing to take the dive of self-discovery within themselves.

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Give yourself permission to consider a different way of moving through your world : not just adjustment of behaviour or strategies for living, but an invitation to consider a new, unique and profoundly potent paradigm for living; that invites you to be authentically, yourself.

This open, clear, honest and direct exploration of your potential will be your invitation to invite and allow new thoughts to take root, as the first step into a new life!

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2 thoughts on “RYS Episode 71 with Nancy Hanlon

  1. RainaMcDonald

    An amazing way to spend my morning – My daughter and I cuddling teddies in a pillow fort while listening to such clarity and authenticity. Fabulous conversation that sums up what a journey into and within a WEL-Systems paradigm is all about. Thank you for being YOU, unedited and engaged, Nancy.

  2. Lisa J. Weiss

    A Fantastic episode! Thank you Nancy for your willingness to be ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ in all of your magnificence. What struck me the most in this conversation was your willingness to own the rage that pulsates(ed) through you and to know it does not have to define you. In my journey my move away from my rage, my fires, is often what keeps me making the same choices. It’s only in my willingness, and ability, to see and feel the fire that resides within me where I can make a different choice and change my life.

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