Noreen Mejias-Bennett: Jagged Edge Series

The Jagged Edge of Possibility:
Money and Leadership with Noreen Mejias-Bennett

Noreen Mejias-BennettOur willingness and ability to redefine ourselves is essential to our rapidly transforming world. Whether at home, at work or in our communities, our capacity to engage in meaningful ways with others to create what we intend is directly related to our capacity to engage meaningfully with ourselves in the design of our own lives.  Our future does not depend on what we do so much as who we are about to become.

Choices are the key to transforming our lives!  Discovering how to identify them; and being willing and able to implement them, are often what get in the way.

The Jagged Edge of Possibility is a series of  open, clear, honest and direct explorations of how to wrap your hands around the life you desire!  Offering unique and compelling WEL-Systems®-based experiences, WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate Noreen Mejias-Bennett invites you to join her in two provocative explorations that will change your life.

Wealth, Worth and Well-Being combines small group exploration with private and individualized one-on-one intensive coaching.

Women and Leadership: Redefined –  Reclaimed is a small group retreat that will introduce you to the courage, within, to take your life in a new direction!

Take a moment and listen to Noreen as she presents on the topic of The Jagged Edge of Possibility: Wealth, Worth and Well-Being.  Recorded live, you’ll get a sense of the clarity, passion and purpose that Noreen brings to any conversation.  Whether your challenged by numbers and dollar bills; or whether you’re challenged by directions to take – and how to let go and get going! – you’ll find a resourceful, insightful and visionary partner in moving forward with Noreen by your side.

I enjoyed and was moved by all of it – from the candidness of your life experience to the authentically spontaneous humour evoked in your listeners along the way. A lot of meaning shared in a 45 minutes. Awesome. I look forward to hearing more!

Sheila Winter Wallace

The Jagged Edge of Possibility


Contact Noreen directly to find out more about her upcoming events.  Feel free to leave your comments on this page as you listen and consider for yourself, your jagged edge of possibility!

“Change is accelerating – around the world and in our own backyard – far out stripping our current ability to deal with what is unfolding at an increasingly alarming rate. I believe that the need to discover new ways – new contexts – to create a very different future is crucial to our existence; and I believe that women are the key to these new discoveries.”

Louise LeBrun, Founder WEL-Systems® Institute.

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7 thoughts on “Noreen Mejias-Bennett: Jagged Edge Series

  1. Ingrid Russell

    Listening to your recording reminded me that I still have so much to accomplish and yet to evolve.

    Thanks for keeping me inspired.

  2. Noreen Post author

    So delighted to see you here. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I look forward to staying connected with you. N.

  3. Julie Westeinde

    I was surprised and delighted to be hearing of the powerful quantum change / WEL- Systems® perspectives Noreen offered in the setting of the Rideau Club. Her story of growing through awareness of her capacity to transform and live a life of her own design gave language to a choice I made to leave a corporate consulting position long ago. Her courage to live what she is sharing and bring this to the setting of the Rideau Club is inspiring and affirming that more men and women can come to know, earlier in their careers, of what she powerfully articulates. Noreen lives what she shares and that speaks volumes – straight to the heart – from where true transformation becomes possible! Thank you Noreen, Julie.

  4. Lisa J. Weiss

    Hello Julie, nice to see you here! Noreen is indeed inspiring as we each discover those aspects of ourselves long hidden away from ourselves and others. Now is the time for us to AWAKEN to creating a different way of BEING! Hope to see you soon. Hugs, Lisa

  5. Ella

    Noreen, thank you for sharing this very compelling and impeccably articulated recording on the essence of the WEL-Systems approach. Your passion and conviction was as evident in this recording as it is in person! I have shared this recording with others and imagine I will continue to do so, as women connect with me curious about the process we engage to carve out such profoundly meaningful lives! Until the next time, Ella

  6. Leona

    Thanks Noreen for sharing this with us.
    Beautifully spoken with both truth and conviction!
    You did an excellent intro on seeing ourselves as Quantum Biological processor, laying the foundation for moving through the world differently. I also loved your clarity in the intro and wrap up with which you bookended your Rideau Club talk.
    So 🙂 to be part of your Affiliate possee!

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