Endings and New Beginnings: In conversation with Louise LeBrun

Episode 69 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/06/30 ~ Endings and New Beginnings: In conversation with Louise LeBrun

Guest Host: Naomi Irons

Today’s Episode of ‘Reclaiming Your Self: Women Unedited and Engaged!’ will mark the completion of 69 hours of compelling, provocative and life-altering explorations of how else you might choose to live your life, today! It will also bring to completion what has been a life-enhancing experience for all those who have chosen to embrace these conversations and make them their own.

Guest Host Naomi Irons, will hold the frame for this exploration with Louise LeBrun – the creator of Reclaiming Your Self: Women Unedited and Engaged! – as they reflect on the intention that shaped the unfolding of the show; and glance into the future as it beckons for the creation of a bolder, more expansive vision of what can be.

In conversation with: Louise LeBrun – Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute and creator of the WEL-Systems Body of Knowledge. Provocative thinker, writer and speaker, Louise shares what this journey has revealed and offers new invitations for creation on a global scale.

Listen to Episode 69

[audio:http://www.wel-done.ca/RYS/E69.mp3|titles= Endings and New Beginnings: In conversation with Louise LeBrun |artists=Louise LeBrun – Naomi Irons |width=350]

If you prefer, you can listen to the podcast Reclaiming Your Self with Louise LeBrun using iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “Endings and New Beginnings: In conversation with Louise LeBrun

  1. Angela Burton


    Thanks for your honesty and courage in being you as an invitation for others to just “be” themselves. I grew and learned something wonderful about myself with each and every episode. There is great power in conversation, especially conversation grounded in authenticity. Your willingness and commitment to be your authentic self is what continues to draw me to the radio shows and other wel-systems experiences. When you allow your signal from self to lead, it speaks directly to my signal from self and the impact is profound. Godforce to godforce, spirit to spirit, vibration to vibration, light to light whatever way you want to describe it, conversation at the level of true self is transformative.
    Louise, when you spoke about your end of day process (asking – Did I honour the godforce that I am today?) and the times you concluded there were moments when you did not honour self. Something in that very honest statement triggered something deep within me. It really is as simple as being yourself and telling the truth.
    I know as I continue to choose to be truly honest with myself and consider how I live each day (without judgement), I’ll create more and more space in my life for what has meaning to me. Thanks for the reminder.
    I’m totally honoured to have shared in deep meaningful conversation with the both of you during the radio shows and in other experiences. Thanks for being who you are and I look forward to more conversation in the future.
    With great RIG,

  2. Louise LeBrun

    Hi Angela,
    Thanks for making the time to share your thoughts re your own experience of this radio journey. It has been great fun for me, not only being part of all that has unfolded but also watching so many others blossom into the ‘more’ that they know they already are! Perhaps some of the most gratifying moments were those surrounding an email or a phone call from one of the many guests, sharing their immediate and rapid evolution following their having been fully and authentically themselves – out loud! – and devoid of scripts, prepared questions or enquiry, and formulae for their contribution. It really was/is as simple as: Be yourSelf and tell your truth.

    There will indeed, be more to come! As I take time for myself to explore and consider, I know that the fall will bring the first steps of yet another, life-expanding journey. No doubt, our paths will continue to cross.


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