Creating Change in School – Part 2

Episode 66 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/06/09 ~ Creating Change in School – Part 2

It’s not easy being a teacher in today’s educational environments. Expectations are broad for those who are charged to walk a narrow path… filled with constraints, directives and consequences for missing the mark. Some teachers face the daily drama of weapons checks and violence in the hallowed halls of learning; while others must contend with the unspoken need for them to parent their young charges who arrive unfed and without benefit of someone at home who can and will care.

Perhaps it’s time for us to look beyond the obvious and find ways to address the whispered concerns in a broader, more public exploration that can lead to change. In defiance of the stoic front, the statistics on the chronic and long-term leave as a result of physical and emotional stress; as well as the presence of mood-altering pharmaceuticals tell a different tale. Are we ready to know a different truth? If those on ‘the inside’ are willing to speak, are we as the parents/administrators/politicians ready to hear?

Join Louise for the next layer in this exploration of what it is to be in today’s teaching environments. What are the challenges? Where are the secrets? And what new, uncovered truths might make a difference?

In conversation with:

Leona McIsaac Moran– Certified CODE Model Coach™ – as she returns to continue the exploration begun in Episode 35, “Creating Change in School”. An experienced professional in the educational system of Prince Edward Island, Leona is a leadership coach within the educational system, committed to working with the people who so profoundly influence the lives of our children. Leona recognizes that the path to a different future rests firmly in their capable hands.

Anita Allen – Certified CODE Model Coach™, registered physiotherapist, accomplished business woman, published author, educator and founder of Alternative Physio. Anita brings her deeply personal experience of engaging with the school system to ensure the special needs of her child are met.  To find out more visit Anita’s web site

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One thought on “Creating Change in School – Part 2

  1. Louise LeBrun

    In this conversation, I hear that the potential for our children rests in the willingness and ability of the adults who carve out their lives, to FIRST, take responsibility for their own. Without a commitment to our own continued evolution, our children quickly discover that their best bet for acceptance and all the ‘good’ things that come with that is to become compliant with the status quo. This may be effective in appearances AND it will not serve any of us in the creating the future that we require.

    My thanks to both Leona and Anita for being willing to be so open, clear, honest and direct about their own discoveries and experiences. I know that today, they made a HUGE difference!


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