Moving beyond a sound-byte life!

Episode 64 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/05/26 ~ Moving beyond a sound-byte life!

It’s a busy world! Most of us, living busy lives on tight schedules, struggle to finish this ‘to-do’ list before we have to start the next. In our desire to get it all done, we separate, disconnect and compartmentalize the flow of our lives into manageable, bite-size chunks of outcomes and responsibilities…. and then we call that ‘living’!

There are other ways to live – and for that, we have to stop… take a long, hard look in the mirror… and own what looks back at us. Far beyond the desire to finally catch up to ourselves, we can create lives that make room not only for the truth of who we are but for the unfolding potential of who we desire to become. Imagine living your life that way, not only for your own wellbeing but for the invitation you can become to the people you care about, to create that for themselves.

We are highly contagious – and what we live becomes both permission and expectation for those who live with us, to explore that for themselves. How are you choosing to live your life, today? And how else might you redesign it, if you believed that you could?

Join Louise as she explores the pathway to living a meaningfully sustainable life. With guests who know what it is to walk the talk, be prepared to discover what’s getting in the way; and to reclaim your birthright to design the life of your choosing.

Be part of this journey that invites us all to find the courage to trust the curiosity that will lead us into a more authentic and expansive way of being ourselves.

In conversation with: WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliates and CODE Model Coaches™ Sheila Winter Wallace, Lisa Weiss, and Naomi Irons.

Each an expression of her own living truth, these courageous women know what it takes to live large and to live out loud! To find out more about these women, visit Sheila’s website, Lisa’s website and Naomi’s website.

Listen to Episode 64

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One thought on “Moving beyond a sound-byte life!

  1. Louise LeBrun

    Wow! What an interesting, curious, ‘strange’ and potent conversation! Perhaps more than any other of the radio show episodes, I know this one was all about me. What I am so grateful for, is the willingness of Sheila, Lisa and Naomi to just stay with what was in flow; to trust the moment-to-moment unfolding of what presented; and to know that without hesitation or a doubt, it was all unfolding as it should.

    To the three of you, I say THANK YOU! It takes courage to be unsure. It takes stamina to stay with it and trust that IT will guide/lead you. And it takes much RIG – of Self and other – to do so, publicly.

    I am different today – and feel free.

    You amazing, amazing women ROCK!

    Hugs to all

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