Standing Alone

Episode 61 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/05/05 ~ Standing Alone

Guest Host: Lisa Jordan Weiss

Often we feel that we must go it alone, that we must shoulder the burden all by ourselves. Is this true? Although each of us is on our own individual journey we are alone only if we choose this for ourselves.

Join guest-host Lisa J Weiss as she engages with Ella-Jean Schatzmann and Brandi LaRochelle as they share their experiences and perspectives.

In this episode we will explore the notion of standing alone and not being alone; that when we choose to look around we will see others, on their journey standing and or walking beside us, creating a community that goes beyond the physical space we share.

In conversation with: Ella-Jean Schatzmann, a resident of Canmore Alberta and part-time social worker in the area of mental Health and Brandi LaRochelle, an HR Administrator at the Nunavut Arctic College and a recent Decloaking and Living Authentically participant. These two women know too well what it means to stand alone at an environmental level, living hundreds of miles away from the WEL-Systems® community and yet each knowing they are not alone, knowing we all stand beside, and walk alongside them, as they discover the more of who they are and in turn become the beacon for others.

Listen to Episode 61

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