Birthing a New Paradigm ~ Intimately Reclaiming Yourself

Episode 59 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/04/21 ~ Birthing a New Paradigm ~ Intimately Reclaiming Yourself

Guest Host: Naomi Irons

Are you seeking depth and intimacy in your relationships and/or with yourself?

This conversation will invite you to discover intimacy from within as a way of being and as a way to co-create authentic meaning in relationships (marriage, parenting, friendships etc), rather then the outdated alternative of looking outside yourself to ‘get’ what you need from another, or on the flip side to ‘give’ what you think they need.

It takes great courage to reveal what we hold to be personal and private with the one person who can create a safe, intimate environment- ourselves.

We often compromise ourselves to create a sense of belonging in a relationship and end up creating experiences to recognize a ‘familiar’ sense of closeness. What we do not always recognize is, it is the closeness we feel inside ourselves in another’s presence that allows us to discover more, instead of making it another’s responsibility to make us feel a certain way. What we have been taught and modelled by those close to us in our lives, becomes the template for the intimacy we are re-creating with ourselves and in our relationships with others.

Get ready to step beyond the techniques and strategies of creating intimacy in your relationships and with yourself, to discover the courage that it takes to become both willing and able to reclaim yourself-intimately.

Join guest-host Naomi Irons with Lisa J Weiss and Angela Burton as they reclaim more of themselves through intimately sharing their journeys and their many discoveries along the way!

In conversation with: Lisa J Weiss and Angela Burton.

Lisa Weiss, WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate, CODE Model Coach™, is a sucessful busines woman who is ready, willing and able to guide and walk with you through your own journey of self-evolution. Lisa is founder of I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting; to find out more visit Lisa’s web site

Angela Burton, an information technology professional, has worked as a project manager and operations manager, leading the delivery and support of business solutions in private and public sector organizations for over 15 years. On her journey of self-discovery Angela has become very curious about authentic leadership and the impact on employee engagement. She has discovered, authenticity is a way of being, and all she needed was the courage to show up and be herself.

Listen to Episode 59

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If you prefer, you can listen to the podcast Reclaiming Your Self with Louise LeBrun using iTunes,

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