Decloak, Engage and Manifest!

Episode 57 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/04/07 ~ Decloak, Engage and Manifest!

What does it take to transform a life? Do you have to become an ‘expert’, ensuring that you have all the right answers, before you should take action? Just how hard is it to create change in our lives? And how long does it take?

Transformation implies a bigger leap than some of us might be willing to take, particularly when that leap is one of faith, in ourselves! And yet, for many, the level of change we require now demands that we go far beyond tinkering at the edges and finding ways to plug the holes in the dyke. Today’s world demands our full attention that we might redefine who we are and how we choose to live.

Change can happen in a breath. It can be easy; and it need not take a long time! Our journey of transformation can be one of discovery rather than one of struggle and mishap. For that, we need to find both courage and curiosity as the potent mix to propel us forward, into a life of our own creation.

Join Louise in conversation with one woman who simply made the choice… and did it!

In conversation with: Audrey Buchanan – currently on the path to CODE Model Coach™ Certification – lives a full life! Discovering how to be fully present to herself is making it possible for Audrey to create meaningful change at work, at home and in her relationships. In less than a year, Audrey has indeed, transformed her life… and is still going! To find out more about her, visit her blog.

Listen to Episode 57

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