Compromise: Virtue or Vice?

Episode 56 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/03/31 ~ Compromise: Virtue or Vice?

Through the cultural conditioning that becomes the framework for the structure of our ‘reality’, women are shaped to be the caretakers of relationships. Whether as mother, daughter; sister or wife; ours is to preserve the peace in the relationship and ensure its sustainability… no matter what! Regardless of the emotional, spiritual or Identity cost to ourselves, our primary consideration is the needs and interests of others – and the consequences to ourselves should we fail to notice.

Today’s conversation explores one of the fundamental tools of ‘relationship care-taking’ : compromise. With the promise of (at best) a happy ending or (at worst) a catastrophe avoided, we have become adept at weaving our way through conflicting interests and intractable positions, frequently at the cost to ourselves of a constantly eroding experience of ourselves as living a meaningful life. We march steadfastly into an unfolding future that neither lights up our lives nor feeds our soul! And yet, this desire for ‘compromise’ continues to fuel our conversations and shape our results. What magic does this process hold over us that we are willing to surrender ourselves to its flaunted outcomes?

Join Louise and her guests as they toss the coin of ‘compromise’ and explore both sides of its impact and potential. In an open, clear, honest and direct exchange, you’ll discover a different place to stand and reconsider the potential of compromise, in your life, to enhance – or diminish – your world.

In conversation with: Naomi Irons and Sheila Winter Wallace. Both Naomi and Shiela are WEL-Systems Institute Affiliates and Certified CODE Model Coaches; and are Facilitators of the 5-day women’s intensives of ‘Decloaking and Living Authentically’ and ‘Engaging and Awakening Others’. Frequent guests on this show, they bring the wisdom of their experience, the courage of their convictions and the endless curiosity that drives their way of moving through the world. Willing to look deeply into their own uncertainties, their insights and discoveries will propel your own! To find out more, visit their websites: Naomi Irons and Sheila Winter Wallace.

Listen to Episode 56

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2 thoughts on “Compromise: Virtue or Vice?

  1. admin

    This was indeed, a GREAT conversation! Far too often, women simply ‘do’ without considering the tremendous cost to it is for us to ‘be’. My thanks to both Sheila and Naomi for being their open, clear, honest and direct and unique Self. It is with this kind of courage and curiosity that we all get to remind ourselves to ask: How else does the godforce that I AM choose to live MY life, today!

    I know this is one conversation that I’ll be listening to more than once!

    Thanks, Tanya, for making the time to share your experience. Much appreciated.


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