Birthing a New Paradigm ~ Conscious Parenting

Episode 55 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/03/24 ~ Birthing a New Paradigm ~ Conscious Parenting

Guest Host: Naomi Irons

Birthing a New Paradigm requires that we as parents, grandparents, birth professionals, teachers, community leaders etc. redefine who and what we are as human beings. As we begin to create this new level of thinking we can discover ourselves through our experiences, as expressions of Lifeforce in tissue, similar in our physical structure but unique in our expression!

It is this unique expression of Lifeforce that enlivens tissue at the point of conception that the experience of parenting really begins.

Parenting is the most powerful force that shapes us as individuals and the culture we live in. It is time to own the powerful process that parenting is and the potency it carries to create our world. Our physical earth is reflecting this back to us with increasing force daily. Whether we are parents or not we have been parented and this experience has set the stage for who we have, in most cases, unconsciously become.

Conscious Parenting is the call, to discover the courage and curiosity that live within each of us and to see that our our earth and our children are reflecting back to us what we have been unwilling to see inside ourselves. As we discover and courageously own the truth of our own experiences we have the choice to move from an old oudated paradigm of unconscious living and parenting, to birth a new paradigm where we as parents/guardians consciously create our lives and model this to our children, allowing them to create their own!

Join guest-host Naomi Irons-Hill with her guests Angela Burton and Ella-Jean Schatzmann as they explore their own profound shifts in parenting, discovering it began with reclaiming themselves… And it is a journey that never ends!

In conversation with: Angela Burton and Ella-Jean Schatzmann. Angela Burton is the mother of two fully alive, ready to roar young boys – Doyle (6) and Max (4). She is married to Chris Burton, her fully alive and very engaged partner in parenting and co-creator in life. Angela finds deep meaning in managing the people side of technology initiatives and the inevitable organizational changes resulting from these initiatives. Angela has come to discover compelling similarities between parenting and organizational change management and choses to approach these similar experiences with one very old and very powerful technique – honest conversation from a place of truth, compassion and authenticity.

Living in the beautiful mountain town of Canmore, Alberta with her husband and two young children, Ella-jean works part-time as a Social Worker in the area of Mental Health Services. After being introduced to the WEl-Systems® context a couple of years ago, her curiosity and intrigue lead to her engaging in the Decloaking & Living Authentically program last year. She has been greatly impacted by the WEL-Systems® Body of Knowledge in her personal life, professional career and profoundly in her role as a mother.

Birthing a New Paradigm ~ Conscious Parenting

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