Tribal Awakening: Healing and Reclamation of the Indigenous Spirit

Episode 54 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/03/17 ~ Tribal Awakening: Healing and Reclamation of the Indigenous Spirit

Over time, we have drifted far from our roots. Through decades and generations of events – most of which have been beyond our control – we have sought to make do and get by… slowly losing ourselves to the ever-present memories of our immediate past and the despairing weight of our immediate future. We seem to have lost our way, back to ourselves.

We need not invest another moment in seeking to make right what was, at the cost of what can become! As we awaken to and reclaim the truth of who and what we are, we become able to stand in the moment and move forward, one choice to the next, trusting the innate and undeniable truth of our ‘being’. We are indeed, Spiritual Beings having a human experience; and we can free ourselves.

Join Louise with guest, Diane Hill, in this provocative and compelling exploration of alternative ways to accelerate the healing process amongst Indigenous Peoples; seeking to reclaim our birthright, as human beings, to know the greatness that lies beneath the surface of our pain, our rage and our fear.

In conversation with: Diane Hill – a woman of the Bear clan belonging to the Mohawk Nation of the Six Nations of Indigenous People living along the Grand River near Brantford, Ontario. An educational consultant in both national and international venues for the past 25 years, Diane’s work is distinguished in the fields of Indigenous Cultural Education, Social Work and Adult Education with special expertise in the area of portfolio-assisted prior learning assessment.  Currently completing her PhD, Diane’s newest venture is facilitating WEL-Systems®-based workshops for Indigenous peoples.  You can reach Diane directly at a href=” “> .

Tribal Awakening: Healing and Reclamation of the Indigenous Spirit

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2 thoughts on “Tribal Awakening: Healing and Reclamation of the Indigenous Spirit

  1. Dolores

    thank you. I had the gift to experience to do some unburdening in ceremony with Diane in Saskatoon a few years ago and it was so powerful and it impacted me at a deep core level. It is great to hear her through this media.

  2. Gail

    Very insightful and meaningful discussion. Touched many core parts of my belief systems and sense of self. Diane has inspired me for many years. She continues to enhance this sacred journey!

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