Whispers from Within: Writing for Self-Discovery

Episode 53 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/03/10 ~ Whispers from Within: Writing for Self-Discovery

”You already have what you need to redesign your life!” How often have we heard that expression and yet, for far too many of us, we continue to believe that we are missing what we need to effectively change our lives?
For centuries, people have kept diaries, tracking the time and place of events in their lives; as well as noting those present and their impact (reporting on an external world). Others have taken this experience and moved more deeply into themselves, seeking to journal and capture their internal responses to an external event, coming closer to the core of finding the key to their own evolution (reporting on an internal world).

Now, discover those ‘whispers from within’ through the power of writing for Self-discovery, a process designed to accelerate evolution with the intention of delivering on the transformation so desperately desired, by so many. Created from a WEL-Systems® perspective and designed by Louise, you’ll come to know the degree to which you can become both willing and able to awaken the presence within and ENGAGE!

Join Louise and her guests as they share the power of this process for themselves, both as the author of their own inner creative chaos; and as the Sacred Witness to that, in another.

In conversation with: Sheila Winter Wallace (WSI Affiliate), Linda Roberts (experienced in WEL-Systems intensives) and CC Lawhon (courageous and new to this process). For more information about these guests, visit Sheila’s web site and CC’s web site.

Note: a picture of Linda Roberts is not available at this time.

Listen to Episode 53

[audio:http://www.wel-done.ca/RYS/E53.mp3|titles= PWhispers from Within: Writing for Self-Discovery |artists=Louise LeBrun|width=350]

To continue to explore the notions discussed in this show, read the article Layers of Discovery by Louise LeBrun.

If you prefer, you can listen to the podcast Reclaiming Your Self with Louise LeBrun using iTunes,

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2 thoughts on “Whispers from Within: Writing for Self-Discovery

  1. Louise LeBrun

    My thanks to Sheila, Linda and CC for another great conversation! This ‘Whispers from Within: Writing for Self-Discovery’ process – like all things WEL-Systems® – simply emerged from authentic presence and willingness to engage. In that, there is always magic!

    Later that same day, CC hosted her own radio show and continued to share of her experience with this process. To hear more, check out the podcast for her radio show by visiting: http://web.me.com/cclawhon/Guru-YOU/Podcast/Entries/2011/3/10_Entry_1.html

    Be sure to watch for a future article later this week on the elements of this powerful process, that you might engage it for yourself.


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