Power, Passion and Purpose: The Edge of Potential

Episode 52 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/03/03 ~ Power, Passion and Purpose: The Edge of Potential

There are times when it’s difficult for women to come to terms with the depth, immensity and intensity of emotion that runs through them… particularly if that emotion is rage!

It’s not nice for women to know rage, intimately. Although many women have become adept at facing into and managing the rage of others, to know that force from within – as an aspect of her own being – can be overwhelming, given the cultural myths that surround what it is to be a woman… and what it can never be.

Dare to be part of this conversation, as Louise engages with her guests on their own discoveries about rage; and about the potential that it carries to transform lives, in a life-enhancing way.

Put aside the time to explore, inside yourself, what comes into your awareness; and what makes its way into voice that has, for too long, been silent.  Listen to this conversation and engage what is meaningful to you.

In conversation with: Lisa Weiss (WSI Affiliate), Naomi Irons (WSI Affiliate) and Stephanie Nelson (Certified CODE Model Coach™, in progress). Discover how to make that journey more meaningful: from pressing up against what you don’t want to carving out, what you do.

For more information about Lisa and Naomi, visit Lisa’s web site and Naomi’s web site.

Note: a picture of Stephanie Nelson is not available at this time.

Listen to Episode 52

[audio:http://www.wel-done.ca/RYS/E52.mp3|titles= Power, Passion and Purpose: The Edge of Potential |artists=Louise LeBrun|width=350]

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