Birthing a New Paradigm

Episode 51 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/02/24 ~ Birthing a New Paradigm

Guest Host: Naomi Irons

Birth holds the potential to become a gateway. A powerful experience of Lifeforce in tissue, allowing us to re-birth ourselves, while bringing new life into our world.

Women have been giving birth for many many generations. How often do we stop to ask ourselves- what impact does the way we choose to move through our world have on our own experiences of pregnancy, birth and ultimately how our children then choose to shape their worlds. Do we even realize we are choosing ourselves or other then ourselves, in each moment throughout this entire process and beyond?

We are birthing the next generation into ‘our’ reality. How conscious are we in this process? What beliefs do we allow to be in flow as individuals that keep us open to our own internal experience of birth? What beliefs do we hold as absolute truth that keep us held hostage to our external world of culture, moving us away from trusting our body, the process and ultimately modeling this to our children as early as pre-conception.

Join guest-host Naomi Irons-Hill, Raina McDonald (soon to be mother) and Angela Arbucke (who recently had her third boy), as they dive into an internal journey of discovery that holds the potential to create a very different conversation about conception, our pregnancies, birth experience and ultimately the birth of a new way of being.

In conversation with: Raina McDonald and Angela Arbuckle.  Raina is an artist, yoga instructor, wife, daughter, sister and soon-to-be mother. As a woman profoundly committed to her own evolution, she is experiencing constant rebirth as she creates space inside for the being growing within her womb. To find out more about Raina and what she has to offer, visit her website.

Angela is a Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant and owner of Healthy Selections Natural Health Shoppe and a mother of three young boys.

Listen to Episode 51

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One thought on “Birthing a New Paradigm

  1. Sheila Winter Wallace

    Hi Naomi,

    I took the time, today, to listen to your radio interview with Raina MacDonald and Angela Arbuckle; my experience of it was both awesome and inspiring. I so appreciated the RIG that was present throughout the hour; the discussion of birthing in a new paradigm; the contrast frame with Angela in her experiences of her first two birthings and her experience of her most recent delivery; Raina’s deepening presence to herSelf in relaxing into her body in this, her first pregnancy. Your format was well thought-out and passionately delivered… organic. I do believe that you are in the process of birthing a new species that no longer knows fear as its vocabulary; instead it knows the undeniable joy of naturally being oneSelf. Mahalo for this, Naomi. I am looking forward to your next CTR interview. :o)

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