Women, Leadership and Executive Coaching

Episode 50 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/02/17 ~ Women, Leadership and Executive Coaching

Now is the time for women to claim their place in the unfolding, perpetually-evolving order of change. We live in a world and at a time when not only do we need to change how we define and design our world, we need to recreate and redefine that very change we seek!

Long-standing notions of leadership prevail, not necessarily because they’re useful or effective but because they’ve been around for a long time and we can recognize them, as such. They’re there; they’re familiar to us and in truth, we’re not quite sure what else to do instead. Our fear of letting go keeps us caught in the vice grip of an often stale and arid approach to manifesting a very different world.

Executive Coaching and Leadership go hand-in-hand. As such, it would make sense that if we redefine leadership we must also redefine Executive Coaching. What do we need to discover that we don’t already know? How else must we engage in order to make quantum leaps more attractive than predictable and incremental change? And how willing and able are we; what kind of courage will it take, for us to come to the edge of significant change and be willing to make the leap?

Join Louise as she engages with a woman who knows well what it was to face into the expectations of leadership, in executive positions in the high-tech world. It’s not easy to march to the tune of the status quo when inside you, a very different drummer plays.

In conversation with: Linda Nixon – Certified CODE Model Coach™ (in progress) – knows well the demands on a woman in a leadership role. In today’s conversation, Linda shares her journey of discovering how ‘leadership’ and the potential that comes with an Executive function can become the permission to stand firm in a different way of moving through the world.

Listen to Episode 50

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