Voices and Choices: Re-birth for Women

Episode 49 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/02/10 ~ Voices and Choices: Re-birth for Women

As a practicing Doula, Naomi Irons knows well the power of the forces that make birth possible and the propagation of the species, viable. As a Certified CODE Model Coach™, she has discovered that just as the body offers a mechanism and process to give birth to another human life, so the body offers a mechanism and process for us to re-birth ourselves. Her discovery? That the throat – the center of voice and choice – is “… the re-birth canal for women”.

After decades of self-silencing and compliance with the expectations of culture; and years of ensuring the well-being of everyone but ourselves, many women discover that by the age of 30, they have become lost to the Self that once roared through the tissue of their being. And yet, even with the passage of time and the entrenchment of habituation, that small, thin voice, inside… where we live… simply will not leave us alone! Join Louise and Naomi as they explore what it takes to reclaim the Self. Trusting the power of a safe place for rediscovery, reclamation and reconnection, voices and choices become the gateway to a freedom too-long lost yet never forgotten.

In conversation with: Naomi Irons – WEL-Systems Institute Affiliate and Certified CODE Model Coach™ – knows intimately the journeys of birth and re-birth. With the courage and strength that comes from knowing the details, intimately, from her own evolution, Naomi offers a framework for accelerated evolution that honors Self while respecting the presence of others. To find out more about Naomi, her programs and services, visit her website.

Listen to Episode 49

[audio:http://www.wel-done.ca/RYS/E49.mp3|titles= Voices and Choices: Re-birth for Women |artists=Louise LeBrun|width=350]

If you prefer, you can listen to the podcast Reclaiming Your Self with Louise LeBrun using iTunes,

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