Chaos and Order: Forces of Creation

Episode 47 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/01/27 ~ Chaos and Order: Forces of Creation

In a WEL-Systems® world, we know that Androgynous Baby™ and Nested Living Systems™ represent the forces that shape culture. These are neither good nor bad; right nor wrong, and are simply forces in play. What makes the difference will be the choices we make, with each one becoming the determining factor in the direction we take and, subsequently, the outcomes we produce.

Chaos and Order are no different. Neither is good/bad, right nor wrong… and yet, for many of us, we’ve been schooled to believe that Order is good and Chaos is bad. This polarized perspective leaves us seeking to do anything within our power to hold on to what we know rather than seek to allow the unknown to penetrate our lives.

Chaos and Order are constantly in a dance, in our every-day living. Whether expressions of our personal evolution, a parenting approach or the development of a successful business, Chaos and Order are constantly making themselves available to us, to choose. Are we more familiar or comfortable with one than we are with the other? Are we willing and able to embrace what seems like a force of destruction, trusting that doing so will bring life? Can we find the grace and beauty in what is collapsing as easily as we can in what is holding its shape?

Join Louise and her guest as they delve into the ideas of Chaos and Order at multiple levels of expression; and reconsider both as forces to be mindfully selected for transformation!

In conversation with: Anita Allen – a Certified CODE Model Coach™ – is Registered Physiotherapist and independent business owner; author; mother of three young children.. and the list goes on! Join Anita in conversation as she brings her unique perspective on weaving the forces of Chaos and Order into and through her daily life, recognizing the power of both to bring meaning and creation into her world. To find out more about Anita, be sure to visit her website.

Listen to Episode 47

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