Signals Dancing™: Accelerating Evolution

Episode 46 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/01/20 ~ Signals Dancing™: Accelerating Evolution

There are lots of different ways to see the world… and given the rapidly escalating intensity of the change occurring around the planet, we would do well to see our world through new eyes!

Signals Dancing™ is one in a series of original models (see model image) that combine to create the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge. This way of looking at what moves inside us (where we live) and around us, offers a shift in perspective that invites us to take a step back and re-evaluate the truth of our experience without getting lost in the content of that experience.

Drawing on a live recording from “Engaging and Awakening Others” – one of the five-day WEL-Systems intensives – this excerpt brings an invitation to pause; revisit our experience through different perceptual filters; and engage mindfully from this moment.. and move on.

Join Louise as she shares one of the many provocative and intimate moments that are both an essential part of a WEL-Systems intensive; and the hallmark of the power of their impact.

Listen to Episode 46

[audio:|titles= Signals Dancing™: Accelerating Evolution!|artists=Louise LeBrun|width=350]

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One thought on “Signals Dancing™: Accelerating Evolution

  1. Louise LeBrun

    This was a ‘first’ on this show! Speaking directly to the models and sharing detailed content has, typically, been reserved for the program room. Previous shows have been conversations with guests whose lives have been profoundly transformed as a result of these models and their willingness to engage them… but not explorations of the models, themselves.

    I believe that the intensity of impending change is ramping up. I also believe that we have to find a new place to stand or lose ourselves to the rhetoric that sways us to attempt to alter the outcomes from the past (i.e. fix the world we have) rather than seek to create the future of our intentions (i.e. create the world we want). To succeed at the latter, we must awaken to the godforces that we are and live, accordingly!

    Thanks for listening, today. It felt important to share it with you. May it make some small difference in who you discover your Self, to be.


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