WEL-Systems:NLP – The Power of Perspective

Episode 45 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/01/13 ~ WEL-Systems:NLP – The Power of Perspective

NLP – or Neuro Linguistic Programming – has been around since the early ’70’s. More than 30 years have passed and yet, the growth of this body of knowledge continues to be constrained by the context within which it has been encouraged to evolve.

One of the key presuppositions of NLP is that all meaning is context dependent. If this is so (and it is!), what becomes possible if we expand the context for NLP from that of a Newtonian expression to that of a Quantum Biological experience? Who might we become willing to recognize, reclaim and engage as an expression of our own potential?

Join Louise as she explores WEL-Systems®:NLP and what makes it different from ‘traditional’ NLP: as an owner’s manual for the Quantum Biological Human™; and as a platform for accelerated evolution of Self.

In conversation with: Sheila Winter Wallace – WSI Affiliate and Certified CODE Model Coach – is a Certified Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis. Her long-time practice with others has allowed her to weave the threads of NLP, Hypnosis and many other wisdoms, into a tapestry of potential, designed to invite and accelerate human evolution. You can also hear Sheila on the CD Thoughts On… Standing Your Ground To find out more about Sheila, visit Sheila’s web site

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One thought on “WEL-Systems:NLP – The Power of Perspective

  1. Louise LeBrun

    Another great conversation with Sheila; and another great conversation about NLP. I can’t even remember how long ago NLP came into my life – and it’s been a while (at least 15 years). At fist, I loved the fact that it was dripping with technique. That gave me something to ‘do’ (rather than trust my ability to ‘be’); and offered me predefined pathways to follow so that I would not have to carve my way through the jungle of my own chaos.

    Today, my greatest frustration comes from knowing the power of NLP to elevate thought from the insanity of psychologizing about behaviour, to discovering and owning the identifiable structure that sources it all; and how to move forward in our lives – yours and mine. Having spent much time in the NLP conversation as a coach and trainer, I know that we have already evolved beyond these abilities and find ourselves in a new box: that of getting it right.

    I know there will be more to come! I also know that my last time in the program room for WEL-Systems:NLP will come with mixed emotions as I engage to let go. It is clear to me, from our conversation today, that Sheila will continue to be The One to carry this conversation forward… wherever it may lead.

    Thanks, Sheila… I appreciate your courage.


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