Penetrating Cultural Coma

Episode 44 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 11/01/06 ~ Penetrating Cultural Coma

As a new year begins, so does the dance of the ‘resolution’ for change. All those promises to ourselves… walking the edge of the sword as we move between giving up the familiar that we see as the cause of the problem, and taking on the unfamiliar in the hope that it will become the solution! Maybe this time, it will last longer than 10 days….

But what about the much bigger picture? What about the world through which we move; the one that has shaped us through family and culturally ingrained beliefs, values and attitudes; and far too often, continues to do so long after we think we are indeed, our own person?

How effective can we be in redesigning our lives if we are unable to see the invisible one that holds such sway over our ability to be true to ourselves?

Join Louise and her guests as they raise the bar on the explorations required to reclaim your Self – awakening to your internal cues and individual intentions in a much larger world profoundly committed to external referencing as the ‘truth’ essential to our survival!

In conversation with: Naomi Irons-Hill and Kae Shelby Roberts – WEL-Systems Institute Affiliates and Certified CODE Model Coaches™ – know the pull of the collective as a challenge to potential.

With differing and unique perspectives, both Naomi and Kae bring the insights and wisdom of their own compelling journeys to shed light on (and bring definition to the recognition of) the ‘invisible presence’ of others in the choices we make for ourselves.

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One thought on “Penetrating Cultural Coma

  1. Louise LeBrun

    What a great conversation that was for me!!! My thanks to both Naomi and Kae for being willing to just engage and trust that it would take us where we needed/wanted to go.

    I did post on my Facebook Page after the show, and I share the thought here, with all of you.

    “Observation from today’s radio show on “Penetrating Cultural Coma”: when Self leaves, cultural coma arrives. The only way to change that is to have Self return… and cultural coma will disappear. Conclusion? Cultural Coma is not a thing… it’s a by-product of something else (Self) being present or absent; and a way of measuring the degree to which it’s occurring.”

    Something to think about….

    Until the next time….


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