Clearing Space for New Beginnings

Episode 43 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/12/30 ~ Clearing Space for New Beginnings

As the end of one year fast approaches, the beginning of the new one beckons. In truth, it is more about the rhythms and cycles of our questions, flowing through the long curved lines of our unfolding… than it ever is about the straight lines and sharp angles of our answers. 

The Ancient Hawaiians knew well what was required to clear space that we might learn, let go and live more fully… allowing what was to inform and expand our potential; and allowing what might be to take shape in a world of our own design.

Join Louise in this opportunity to explore and discover a compelling approach to clearing space for the new year to come. Drawing on the power of your internal world; and accessing your natural capacity for theatre of the mind, the mindful process of Ho’oponopono will take you on a guided journey of your own evolution.

This Guided Reflection is taken from the multi-CD series of Guided Reflections designed and expressed by Louise LeBrun for : Energy and the Chakras; Awakening the Body; Life is a Choice; and Connecting to Self.

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3 thoughts on “Clearing Space for New Beginnings

  1. Louise LeBrun

    Strange how it works: the very last moment of one year is the edge of the one to come. In truth, nothing ever ends – it just becomes the next wave!

    I offer you this time to yourself, in the midst of what is often a frenzy of activity, that you might reconnect to what you don’t even know lives inside you… where you live. The process of Ho’oponopono is (in my view and experience of it) one of the greatest of gifts from the people of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Were we to allow ourselves this process as a way of being, our world would be a very different one.

    When you make the time to spend these moments with yourself, also consider following up the process with Episode 11 (Invite and Allow) that you might now bring into the expanded Space, Movement of new insights and discoveries that become the Flow of your life. Nothing to work at – just let the body do what it’s designed to do.

    Enjoy – and let me know what you discover!


  2. Louise LeBrun

    Happy New Year, Janet! And thank you for being so willing to make the time to share a thought – much appreciated.

    Did you engage both Ho’oponopono with the INvite and Allow, process, too?

    Warmest wishes for a great year!


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