Out of the Shadows

Episode 42 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/12/23 ~ Out of the Shadows

Some time ago, when this radio show was first launched, we explored the topic of ‘Coming Out of the Shadows’ with guest Sheila Winter Wallace (Episode 2). Now, more than 9 months later, we revisit this topic with the intention of noticing and capturing the movement in our own lives, with the passage of time.

How has your life changed in the last 9 months? If this were to represent a time of gestation for the birth of a new way of being, who have you become? How do you now move through your world: what’s different, what has stayed the same… and what’s next?

Join Louise as she revisits not only the experience of what it takes to come out of the shadows but explores the implications of having done so. Guest Sheila Winter Wallace returns to look back at her own journey as we open the telephone lines to explore yours!

In conversation with: Sheila Winter Wallace – WSI Affiliate and Certified CODE Model Coach and much, much more! You can also hear Sheila on the CD, Thoughts On… Standing Your Ground. To find out more about Sheila, visit Sheila’s web site

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2 thoughts on “Out of the Shadows

  1. Louise LeBrun

    It was interesting to revisit this topic – some 9 months later! – and explore what had been birthed as a result of it; and what shifts had occurred. That movement from ‘permission’ (in Episode 2) to ‘consequences’ (in today’s show) was and is a significant one!

    There are so many things we do to avoid what we hold as negative impact (i.e the consequences of punishment, etc.) that in themselves, become profoundly limiting. It really does help to stop… pay attention… and make the choices that allow us to move toward the truth of who we know ourselves to be, rather than away from that which we experience as threatening to the ‘status quo’. For many of us, the truth is that the status quo holds no interest and is merely habit of body, mind and behaviour.

    Thanks, Sheila, for another great experience!


  2. Sheila Winter Wallace

    It is a powerful place to stand, now, that I am giving mySelf full permission to step into those places and spaces that I, historically, held as consequential to unwanted experiences in my life. And, while I embrace that every cause is its own effect, I no longer need to move, as a knee-triggered response, away from my own truth. Yes, I experience bumps, everyday, along the road of my life… and, yes, it is an excellent road. How could it be otherwise? I know that I have chosen it, every step of the way, for and as my own. It is my life!

    Mahalo, Louise, for inviting me to engage!

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