Families: Hope, habit and beyond!

Episode 41 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/12/16 ~ Families: Hope, habit and beyond!

The one thing we can all admit to is that none of us is hatched!  Whatever its shape or form; whether by accident or by design, family – and all that goes with it! – has an impact on us all.

For all the families that enjoy being together, there are the ones that struggle… with each other and against what have come to feel like the chains that bind.

Today, our notion of ‘family’ has become fluid; and given that our families are a reflection of who we are, there is hope for us all as we choose to come face-to-face with ourselves and each other.  It’s never too late as we redesign how we define ‘family’ in meaningful ways… and let go of what keeps us small.

Join Louise and her guests as they explore the myth of the intact family and all that goes with it… particularly at those times of year when history and habit can so easily overtake reason, intention and desire.

In conversation with: Audrey Buchanan, Melissa Owoc and Stephanie Nelson – Women in the WEL-Systems® community who are discovering that there is more to family than what they were taught to believe was possible!

Note: Audrey Buchanan and Melissa Owoc are shown in the picture to the right;

a picture of Stephanie Nelson is not available at this time.

Families ~ Hope, habit and beyond!

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One thought on “Families: Hope, habit and beyond!

  1. Louise LeBrun

    No matter how much we care, the pressures of the Holiday Season can get to us! Take the time to hear how three very different women are choosing THEMSELVES, as they engage with others over the coming days. Wise words from them all….


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