Being Selfish

Louise LeBrun   December 9, 2010   No Comments on Being Selfish

Episode 40 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/12/09 ~ Being Selfish

Guest Host: Lisa Jordan Weiss

“You are being selfish.” We’ve all heard those words before and, in our current cultural conditioning it usually means we are doing something wrong; that we are being bad. What does being Selfish really mean?

The current definition of the word Selfish is ‘caring too much about oneself and not enough about others.’ We are taught from an early age ‘not’ to be selfish; to think about and put others, first. What if there is another way to consider the word Selfish? To put our selves first. What kind of world would we create for our Selves?

Join Lisa and her guest Naomi Irons as they explore how different our lives can be when we allow ourselves to be Self-ish.

In conversation with: Naomi Irons fellow WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate and certified CODE Model Coach™. For more information about Naomi and the programs she offers visit

Listen to Episode 40

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