Authenticity in the Workplace

Episode 38 – Reclaiming Your Self ~ 10/11/25 ~ Authenticity in the Workplace

Guest Host: Lisa Jordan Weiss

All we want is to be accepted for who we are, wherever we are, and we spend the majority of our time at work. Yet work is the one place many of us feel we cannot be our authentic self, it is the one place we may feel we have to leave a part of who we are at the door to be reclaimed once the day is done.

The masks that we wear in order to be accepted and part of the team creates a barrier for our authentic self to emerge, the question is, is it necessary? What if there was a way for us to be our authentic selves, at work? What kind of an environment would we create for ourselves? What would the world of work look and feel like?

Join Lisa with guests Angela Burton and Claire Harris, as they explore what they have discovered it means, and what it takes, to be unapologetically, our authentic selves in the workplace.

In conversation with: Angela Burton and Claire Harris

Angela Burton, an information technology professional, has worked as a project manager and operations manager, leading the delivery and support of business solutions in private and public sector organizations for over 15 years.

On her journey of self-discovery Angela has become very curious about authentic leadership and the impact on employee engagement. She has discovered, authenticity is a way of being, and all she needed was the courage to show up and be herself.

Claire Harris – Certified CODE Model Coach™- is a Change and Implementation Manager, facilitating change in the workplace.

Claire has been able to build a career that fits her strengths, and, was able to find her strengths when she was willing and able to go inside and really know her Self. As she states, “Being authentic has allowed my workplace to “know” me.”

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